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Tags for Instagram is a Windows 10 Instagram hashtags generator app which offers you best tags in a lot of categories so you don’t have to type them out. The app provides you lots of categories and under each category you can find lots of hashtags which you can just copy and paste in your Instagram posts.

The Windows 10 Instagram hashtags generator app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

The home page of the app will list all categories it has on the top of the app screen. Whereas, the hashtags for the first category will be displayed on the home page as well. As you can see the categories will have sub categories and each sub category will have lots of hashtags in them.

If you like the hashtags given under a category than you can go ahead and press the copy button. All the hashtags under that category will be copied. Now you can go ahead and paste them to the photo that you are posting in your Instagram account.

The unlock pro version button will let you upgrade to a paid version of the app which means you can get rid of the ads in the app. The categories on top of the page include family, mood, art, celebs, animals, nature, fashion, food, holidays, etc. You can scroll through the categories easily as well.

Features of this Windows 10 Instagram hashtags generator app:

  • Provides hashtags for Instagram photos.
  • Hashtags under different categories.
  • Lots of categories like family, mood, animals, art, food, nature, etc.
  • Each category has many sub categories.
  • Copy hashtags under a category by clicking the copy button.
  • Paste the copied hashtags on your photo in Instagram.


Tags for Instagram is a useful app for everyone. As everyone is on Instagram now and we also do post a lot of photos on Instagram everyday. So to make sure that our photos find the right audience it is important to have the right hashtags on the photo. Now typing out hashtags for each photo can be tiresome job and you won’t be able to type more than a couple of them. But with this app you can just select which category your photo falls under and just copy and paste all the hashtags from that category. You can even copy paste hashtags from multiple categories one by one. More hashtags would means more people will end up seeing your pictures. So go ahead and try this app out.

Check out Tags for Instagram for Windows 10 here.

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