Take live JEE Mock Tests Free Online with Amazon Academy India

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Amazon Academy lets you take JEE mock test free online and helps you show where you stand in the competition. It has scheduled tests that you can enroll into and then it produces very good insights that you can use to audit your subject wise performance. Apart from scheduled mock tests there are some model papers available too for the preparation. You can practice with them and pause your progress and start where you left off later. However, you cannot do that with the scheduled exam. On the dashboard, you can see when the next exam will be and then you can prepare accordingly.

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination which is the biggest engineering exam in India. It is very competitive and takes really hard work in order to crack it. If you are one of the high school student, planning to appear for JEE next year or the year after that, then you need to take some mock tests in order to analyze your position.

With All India Mock Test Series (AIMT), conducted by Amazon Academy, you will know your all India rank with live JEE tests. You can take the JEE test anywhere anytime to improve your scores with the help of handpicked questions. It also offers you previous year questions that you may want to give a try. The comprehensive question bank that it has offers 10000+ questions that come with hints too. Additionally, it also offers you step-by-step solutions to master the concepts of class XI and Class XII syllabus.

JEE Mock Tests Free Online with Amazon Academy India

Take live JEE Mock Tests Free Online with Amazon Academy India

In order to get started with Amazon Academy, you need Amazon account. Just sign in there and then you will reach the main interface where initially you have to specify your current qualifications. Based on your academic status, you can specify whether you are a class XI student or class XII student.

Amazon Academy Getting started

Next, you will reach the main dashboard where you will see the schedule of the exam. It shows you the date on which the live test is going to happen and then you can enroll yourself in that. Apart from upcoming events, you can also see some recommended activities on the dashboard.

Amazon Academy Dashboard

Next there is a “Tests” section and I think this is the part this whole platform is all about. Here you will see all the test papers that you can start solving. You can select a precious year papers and start solving. Also, if you want to take the test chapter wise then you can do that. In the chapter wise test, you first select a subject and then simply select a specific chapter from either Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics. There are dedicated sections for each subject and then you can just start with anyone. This is as simple as that.

Amazon Academy Tests

If you move on from the Tests section, you will reach the Practice section. Here you will find all the study material that will help you prepare for the JEE exam. Basically here you get the question bank that will be helpful you prepare and boost your existing knowledge. In the practice section, you can specify the class and then choose any subject from there that you want to prepae for. The corresponding unites will be displayed there and just select anyone from the list to start getting the questions.

Amazon Academy practice questions

The questions that it give you for practice come with a hint and a step-by-step solution. But I think you should try the to solve the question on your own and see the solution as a last resort.

Amazon Academy question solution

In this way, you can make use of this amazing platform to prepare for JEE exam. It is good but I will not suggest that you just stick with it only and set aside other study material and question banks. You can use just use it to evaluate yourself and it will tell you where you stand. JEE preparations usually start at class XI and it has all the relevant questions and syllabus to help you practice some excellent questions.

Closing thoughts

Amazon Academy is specifically created for Indian students and follows the pattern of JEE exam. I liked the interface and quality of question bank given there. You can just simply get started with your Amazon account. It is a great platform for evaluating yourself by actually solving real questions that have been previously asked in JEE exam. So, if you are a high school Indian student and wants to get into IITs then I am more than sure that you will find this platform really helpful.

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