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LargeDocument is a free web tool that allows you to send multiple large files easily and quickly, keeping them secure. Sending large files through email has become a problematic issue these days due to file size limitations and SPAM filters.

Although you must be thinking there are many such web tools performing the same task with exactly the same pace. Then why to turn onto LargeDocument? Well, Let me give you a personal example – generally I need to forward numerous files to my colleagues and I do send them regularly, but large files are usually blocked due to file size limits provided by the service providers. Hence, I switch onto various file transfer websites to send them quickly. Though these websites have always been quite helpful to me, however, unfortunately, I always come across with various other problems as well, such as Advertisement, User Account Required, Limitation to a number of files sending and some more.

Hence, to overcome such a distracting problem, LargeDocument comes into play. It displays no advertisements on the page. Yes, you read it right, none.  The screen is Black, there is nothing except the required buttons and instructions for sending large multiple files.

In addition, you don’t need to create an account in order to get access to LargeDocument. This helps, not only in saving a couple of minutes on user registration but also in avoiding spam mails.

The best part about LargeDocument is the availability of a good file size limit. You can upload up to 2 GB on a 32-bit machine and up to 8 GB on a 64-bit machine. Sounds good enough to me.

LargeDocument allows you to upload more than one file simultaneously. The file is stored on the server for 90 days so there is no hurry to download.

Here is how to get started with LargeDocument:

  • Browse onto the website
  • Start uploading files
  • Thereafter you will find various available options to share your file directly, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.
  • Select one of the ways.
  • Send it.

You also have the option for sending the link directly over chat or instant message to your colleague or friend. You can take a look at the homepage of LargeDocument for better understanding:


LargeDocument is available as a web app in Chrome web store, as Android app in Marketplace and also as a Gmail gadget:


If you want to send large files through email check out the article reviewed by us here. You can also check out GSplit a free utility to split large files into smaller pieces.

In a nutshell, LargeDocument is an extremely advantageous web tool that lets you perform your task of sending big important files without any problems.

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