Online Create Music Tune with Set of Music Notes: Music Box Fun

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In this blog post, you will read how to create music tune with set of music notes. Music Box Fun is a free website that lets you make and share music with your friends. This is a simple website that does not require you to create an account.

Music Box Fun is a website that supports 15 notes. You get a set of music notes through which you can understand on which scale you’re clicking on. Similarly, you can click on the other notes to make music. You can play and share your music with your friends through a link.

If your children or siblings have an interest in making music, you can use this website to make music for kids.

Create Music Tune Online

Online Create Music Tune with Set of Music Notes

To create music tune, you can visit a website called Music Box Fun. The site does not require you to sign up. Once you visit the site, It shows a sheet which has a set of a music note on the top.

CDEFGAB is a set of notes which is mentioned twice on the site. In order to create sound, you can click on the sheet according to the music note. When you click on the note, you will see a black circle. Clicking on the major notes shows a red circle.

Similarly, you can use the complete music box to make sounds. It is quite simple to create different sounds in one place. You can also mention the title of your melody.

make music on a fresh sheet according to the music notes

When you’re done, you can play the tone using the Space button. You can also click on the Play button located on the right.

Doing so, you can listen to the music you create. If you don’t like the sound, you can edit it. To remove the note from one place, you can again click on the circle. Then, you can place it somewhere else. When you find your music good enough, you can share the link with your friends.

In brief

Music Box Fun is a free website to create and share music for free. It is the easiest way to make music in a fun way. Just by clicking on the music note, you can create a melodious tone. You can create more and more sounds and share with your friends.

Visit the website here.

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