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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a website which studies human population to give you details like your position in the world population, an estimate on how long will you live, etc. When you open this website you will notice a world population clock at the top left corner. This clock will display the current population and it keeps updating in real time. To know details of your life journey in numbers, you need to provide some details about yourself like date of birth, country of birth and gender. After entering these values click the Go button.

Now you will get details as given below:

population first compare

First of all you see a comparison of where you stand in the world population. As it turns out I’m older than 58% of the world’s population. That is one thing I didn’t want to know, all of a sudden I feel old and wiser maybe. You will also get data about the percentage of people who are younger and older then you in regards to the country you live in.

population second data

Then it will show milestones in your life. Like in the year 2021 on 5th May, I’ll be the 5th Billionth person alive in the world. Not that I wanted to know this detail either. But sounds kind of cool and important. It will show you some more milestones like these, which can be seen in the screenshot above.

After this you will be shown statistics on how many other people have the same birthday as you in the world. And out of these how many people were born within the same hour as you.

population fourth compare

Another comparison which you can do here is your life expectancy if you were living in another country rather then your current one. It seems my projected life expectancy would increase by 10 years if I was living in United Kingdoms.

population projected life expectancy

Then the last statistic you see is your projected life expectancy in terms of citizen of the world, as a citizen of your country, etc. All the data used here is produced by United Nations and the website uses it for medium population projection up to year 2100. The website also uses life expectancy tables from UN to generate projected life expectancy dates.

You can also check out World Population monitor reviewed by us.

The website is a volunteer effort to make this demographic data available to a wider audience. If you are interested in details which this website provides or you just want to know some statistics for your knowledge, then definitely try out this website. The life expectancy projections were the most interesting. When you try out the option if you were living in a different country the life expectancy projections change a lot.

Check out here.

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