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Anyone who is fascinated by the Horror genre in movies would love the website that we are discussing today. KillerFlix is a cool website which lets you find horror movies to watch based on different categories. The first question my colleagues asked me is how can horror movies have categories, it is a category in itself. Well as lame as that sounded to me, horror movies do have categories. The categories you get to choose amongst are gory, thriller, ghost, funny, scary, monster, violent, etc. The website developers have another similar website called BloodyGoodHorror. The movie reviews, ratings and podcasts can be seen through this other website.

The look of the website is dark in line with the horror movies they are talking about. When you land on the homepage of this website you will see a page like the one shown in the below screenshot.

killerflix home

Choose from the categories given on this page. I went ahead and choose the ghost category. When you choose the category, you will be shown a page like the one in the below screenshot.

killerflix category

The page gives you two options along with a question. Do you want the movie to be good or not? If you select the good option then you will be shown movies with good ratings (rating above 6 on a scale of 10) and if you choose the other option then you will be shown movies with ratings less than 6 as well. Select your option and click on the button below which says “Show me a ghost flick”. When you click this button, a suggested movie will open up on your screen, like you can see in the screenshot below.

killerflix recommendation

The name of the movie is on the top of the page with a trailer of the movie below it. You can also watch a trailer of the movie which is streamed through YouTube. Apart from this you can also read a review about this movie which has been recommended for you to watch. The rating of the movie is shown on the left side of the movie trailer. There is also a watch now button at the bottom of the trailer window, which when clicked will take you to Amazon website. From here you can buy or rent this movie.

In case, you do not like the recommended movie or have already seen it, then click on the next arrow present on the right side of the screen. This will show you the next recommended movie on the list. If you want to change the category, you can easily do that by clicking the start over button at the top right corner of the page. When you click the show all button, it will list all the movies from all categories in alphabetical order. These movies can also be sorted out according to their release date and BGH (BloodyGoodHorror) ratings.

You can also check out websites where you can read short horror stories.

Overall, I loved this website, as I’m a big fan of the horror genre. The website makes it easy for me to search for movies based on different categories. I would recommend this website to all the people who are fans of horror movies. You would find searching movies so easy using this website. So do give it a try.

Check out KillerFlix here.

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