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Konbert is a free online tool that you can use to generate Avro schema from CSV online for free. Here it simply takes a CSV file from you and converts it into an Avro file that you can download. The CSV file can be command delimited or even if it is using some other delimiter then this tool here will help you. After it is done converting your CSV file, you can even preview the Avro to see if the conversion was done properly.

Avro files are like JSON model and they include markers which can help splitting larger data into smaller chunks. It is used in Apace products. In case you need to generate an Avro file from a CSV data that you can later open in the supported software then you will need some converters to do that. If you want to do it online without installing anything then Konbert offers a very simple solution for that.

How to Generate Avro Schema from CSV Online?

Using Konbert for CSV to Avro conversion is very simply. Here is the homepage of this tool and you can use it right after you land on there. For now, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of prior registration process.

Simply start by uploading a CSV file that you’d like to convert to Avro. Before uploading a file, you can choose a different delimited for the CSV file if you want to. If the CSV file you are uploading has different encoding, then you can specify that here as well for better processing.

CSV to Avro Konbert

It will take a few seconds and then your Avro file is ready to download. Download that and then you can open it in an Avro viewer or directly in Apache MapReduce to test if it is working correctly.

Downloaded Avro File

In this way, you can use this simple and free online tool to convert CSV to Avro. The process is very straightforward and from what I saw on the website, I am glad that it offers a developer API as well. So, if you want to implement CSV to Avro functionality in your desktop or web apps then it will be useful.

Final thoughts:

After long research, this is the only working online CSV to Avro file converter that I could find. Use it to convert any number of CSV files to Avro and hassle free download the finally generated files. For now, it can only process uploaded CSV files sequentially. But I hope that they support batch processing in the later updates.

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