Free Online Social Media Management Tool with Unlimited Social Accounts

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Onlim is a free online social media management tool with unlimited social accounts. Using this tool, you can easily manage and monitor your social media content for different social networks in one place. Currently, it supports only 8 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, YouTube, etc. It lets you create unlimited channels to connect unlimited social accounts for all the supported platforms. After you connect one, you can easily create posts on this website and then directly publish them to your social account timeline or schedule for later.

It lets you create and manage posts with images, text, links, and even videos. There are many other useful options available like “News Feed” where you can follow various content sources and share their posts on your social media, editorial calendar, detailed statistics of your posts to help you monitor their performances, and so on. This tool is quite similar to Zoho Social, which is also a free social media management tool with amazing features.

online social media management tool

Note: There are certain limitations in the free version like no multi-user account, no live-chat bot, etc.

How to Use this Free Online Social Media Management Tool:

To get started, open the “Onlim” homepage and then create a free account. After that, you can see different tabs on the left panel like Dashboard, Calendar, Channels, etc. Now, to add any of your social profile, simply go to the “Channels” tab and click on the “+” button.

After you do that, it will open the list of supported social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Xing, Flickr, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Slack. Now, let’s say you have selected “Facebook”, then it will first ask you to connect your account and then you can see your own profile along with your Facebook pages. Now, you can either connect your personal profile to this social media management tool or use any of your pages. Not just that, you can also add your other Facebook accounts and their associated pages as well to Onlim.

After you’re done adding a Facebook account, you can start to create, schedule, and publish posts to your timeline directly from Onlim. For that, all you gotta do is click the “New Post” button visible at the top. As soon as you do that, it will open up a popup where you can manually create a post by add text, media files, etc. You would also need to choose the Facebook account to which you want to publish the post by clicking on the “Add Channel” menu. When you’re done with the post, you can either save it as a draft, publish directly, or schedule for later.

After publishing a post via Onlim, you can start tracking its statistics on the centralized dashboard. You can see a feedback graph, the number of Facebook reactions, shares, comments, link clicks, etc. on the dashboard. It also lets you see the comments on the dashboard, send replies, check your most popular post for the current week, and all the scheduled posts, drafts, and published posts.

It also comes with a separate “Statistics” tab where you can see a graph of your posts over time and average feedback per type. Under the “Average feedback” section, you can see the number of posts, average reactions per post, comments per post, shares per post, views per post, and link clicks per posts for different post types. The available post types are Image, Text, Link, and Video.

It also comes with two other tabs named, “Calendar” and “News Feed”. In the “Calendar” tab, you can see all your posts on a calendar in order to keep track of them with ease. Whereas, in the “News Feed” tab, you can follow different content sources and see posts from their communities. Apart from that, you can directly share the posts, schedule, save as draft, or add to your favorites. You can manually search and follow content sources, or create your own interests.

So, this way you can connect with other social networks to create, schedule, publish posts, and also check their detailed statistics. Do note that, Instagram is only available in the news feed and you cannot publish posts to Instagram, from Onlim.

Closing Words:

Onlim is a pretty useful online social media management tool which allows you to easily manage your posts from different social networks in one single location. What I like most about this tool is that it lets you see various important statistics for the posts which you publish on social media. So, if you have been looking for a free and simple social media management tool, then Onlim is probably the best choice for you.

Try “Onlim” from here.

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