Free Keyword Research on Reddit with Reddit Insights

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This post covers a free tool to do keyword research on Reddit. I’ve been testing this nifty little tool called Reddit Insights. It basically allows you to dig up what people are talking about on Reddit. It scrapes questions from specific subreddits related to a chosen keyword. Then it cleans and organizes that data to provide clear insights into common inquiries and topics of interest within a subreddit.

This tool offers the unique benefit of uncovering overlooked keywords standard SEO tools might miss. All you have to do is provide a list of subreddits that you want to research for keyword insights. It then takes you through a multi-step process to transform the scraped data into an organized CSV file that you can download for free. The tool can help marketers discover unique content ideas with community-driven insights to target specific audiences. Let’s dive in and explore this tool in detail.

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Free Keyword Research on Reddit

To get started with Reddit Insights, you must create a list of relevant subreddits to your research. Put all the subreddits into a CSV file and upload that file to this tool to extract the keyword insights.

The tool takes some time to scrape the data from all the added subreddits. The more subreddits you include the more time it takes. It also depends on how big and popular a subreddit is. I gave it a list of 8 subreddits and it took somewhere between 1 to 2 minutes to fetch the relevant data from those subreddits.

After fetching the subreddits, this tool shows a list of questions it scapes that can be relevant to your research. Along with the list, it offers three options to the following:

  • Cluster Questions: This option is to cluster keywords with Keyword Insights!
  • Clean QUestions with GPT: This option is to clean up the repetitive and similar questions using GPT.
  • Download original file: This option downloads the list of scraped questions as a CSV file.

Clean up Reddit Questions using AI

To clean up Reddit questions using AI, it requires an OpenAI API Key. OpenAI offers the API key initially free for 3 months. After that, the charges are quite slow and as per usage. If you don’t have an API key then you can just download the file and clean it manually.

And if you do have a key, you can add that in this step and clean up the questions using GPT. The AI removes the duplicate questions and similar questions streamlining the list. Again, you can download the cleared list of questions as a CSV file at this step.

Keywords Clustering

Keywords Clustering is another step to further organize the questions. It uses Keyword Insights to cluster the keywords and get their collection search volume. However, this is a paid step. It charges $1 to cluster the list. This is not a necessary step. You can skip over it and download the file anyway.


The downloaded CSV file has two columns: Question and Volume. It lists all the scaped questions that you can clean up or cluster if you like. Alongside the questions, it shows the search volume.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Comment

If you want to know what is buzzing in certain subreddits, Reddit Insights can help you with that. It can show you all the hidden buzzwords you might not have thought of on your own. This helps you get a sneak peek into what your potential customers are really into. So, whether you’re a marketer looking to hit the right notes or just curious about what’s trending in your favorite Reddit communities, this tool can help you discover it all.

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