Read Reddit Like a Newspaper with this Free Website

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This article covers a free website where you can read Reddit like a newspaper. There are lots of third-party readers for Reddit which comes with an additional feature set to bring more functionality on the platform. If you are keen to try such unique readers for Reddit then here is one for you.

The Unim Press is yet another reader for Reddit in the style of The New York Times. This front-page reader shows you the posts from Reddit as headlines of a newspaper with media and titles. Just like an actual newspaper, the posts are distributed all over the page in sections of different sizes based on the engagement. This reader is built as a static application with Torus and uses public Reddit API to fetch the posts from Reddit.

Read Reddit Like a Newspaper with this Free Website

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Read Reddit Like a Newspaper: The Unim Press

The Unim Press offers you a fresh look for your Reddit posts. Similar to a newspaper, it shows you The Unim Press branding on top with some information about the reader itself on either side. Below that, it shows a volume number and a dropdown to choose a subreddit along with the current date in the middle.

Reddit front-page reader in the style of The New York Times

This reader follows a monochrome tone for all the posts. All the media is shown as still snapshot initially but becomes colorful and alive when you hover the mouse cursor over them. The image comes to life with color and the videos start playing on hover. The title of the post is used as the heading following by the user name as the author. Everything is clickable, you can click on title, media, username, and subreddit to open the respective on the actually Reddit website.

The reader does offer an option to switch the subreddit from the top right corner however that dropdown shows only a handful of subreddits. If the subreddit you want to read is not listed their then you can just add that to the URL instead.

For example, ( this is the URL of this reader. Let’s say you want to read “RickandMorty” subreddit, then add that subreddit to the URL to get that subreddit:

Closing Words

The Press is a nice reader that offers a unique way to read Reddit. With the front-page-reader interface, it can be used to disguised Reddit and read your favorite subreddits where you don’t want anyone to find that you are on Reddit. Give it a try yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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