Free Game to Practice Country Positions on World map

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Map Practice is a free website or game which lets you practice country positions on world map. How many times has it happened that someone asked you to point out a country on world map and you didn’t know where to start? Even sometimes kids ask you randomly about some country on the map and not knowing makes you feel bad. Sometimes we have a general idea where a country could be, but we are never to sure.

This game can definitely improve your general knowledge as well as world geography. They say that “practice makes perfect”, well that is what exactly this map practice app does. It helps you remember where a country is by practicing it again and again.

Students will find this tool quiet helpful, and so will the teachers. Let’s look at this fun app/game below.

Open this game by clicking on the link provided at the end of this article. When you do that, you will see the home page like seen in the below screenshot.

At the top of the page you will be shown name of a country. You have to locate that country on the map given below. You can zoom in or zoom out of the map easily. When you click on a location, you will be shown if the answer is correct or incorrect below the map. If you are wrong then you will be shown the correct position of that country in red color.


Below the map you will also notice a streak button. This shows how many answers you have given right consecutively. Below the streak button you will find some statistics like shown in the screenshot below.

In this you are shown you accuracy percentage, the number of countries you have learned so far, number of training units done, average time you took to answer a question, which countries you got most confused by, etc.


Map Practice is a fun game app which will help you in learning positions of different countries on the world map through practice. The website is made using plain HTML/ CSS/ JS and is free to use. You can also visit the developers page and leave feedback here.

After playing this game I realized my lack of knowledge about countries and their positions on the world map. It was an eye opener, that there are so many popular countries that I could not place on the map. I for one definitely need this game to practice and learn more country positions on world map. You all should also give it a try.

Check out Map Practice here.

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