Free Browser Based JPG Optimizer to Bulk Compress JPEG Images

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free browser based JPG optimizer to bulk compress JPEG images. It takes multiple JPG images from you and then optimizes them all in just a single click. You can set JPEG quality for the output images and then download them all in your PC. Additionally, you can see the preview of all the images that you upload and then download them in a ZIP file. You can optimize a single image as well in the same way. can be hosted on your server as its source code is available on GitHub.

There are many batch image optimizer software available for Windows but if you want the same for online then has you covered. Without any sign up or registration, you can use it and it is a privacy oriented image optimizer as well. The image compression is entirely done in your browser; the images that you upload here never leave your device. Just use the online version which is available or host your own by running simple commands.

Free Browser Based JPG Optimizer to Bulk Compress JPEG Images

You can use very easily. Just access the main tool from here and then simply upload images that you want to optimize. The main interface is very simple and there is single control for specifying the image quality. You just set it to whatever number based on your needs.

JPEG Rocks

Now, you just select images from your PC that you want to optimize. You can also drag and drop those images in order to upload them. As soon as you upload the images, it will optimize them instantly. You can see the reduced size of the images to compare the input and output images. Next, you just download all the images on your PC using the download button in a click.

JPEG Rocks in action

In this way, you can use this simple and privacy oriented JPEG image compressor with ease. The JPEG optimization that it offers is lossless and pretty fast as well. And since it is an open source tool so you can easily host it on your own server. Find its source on this GitHub repository.

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There are many online image compressors out there you can use but is surely a unique one. Just use this one anytime you want to optimize any number of JPEG images instantly. Or, if you want then you can take a look at some other articles done by us on image optimization such as image optimizer APIs.

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