Donate Money to Charity Just By New Tab in Chrome!

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Tab for a Cause is a free app for Google Chrome that lets you collect points for charity just by opening the new tab page!

This Chrome app lets you customize new tab to add various widgets. This makes the new tab more useful. In addition to that, the app displays some ads in the new tab. And money collected from these tabs is donated to charities. So, whenever you open a new tab, you will potentially see ads and money from them will get to charity. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

After installing this web app on your Google Chrome browser, each time you open a new tab, points (or hearts) are collected. You can donate those points to, Human Rights, for education purpose, to conservation international, and for Health.

Apart from collecting hearts for donation, this app lets you add sticky notes, add and show bookmarks on new tab, Google Calender to check today’s events, a search bar, etc. to new tab page. Your new tab is enhanced, and side by side, you could donate points for a noble cause, without spending a single penny.

customize new tab page of Google Chrome and collect points for charity

Your new tab page will come with two ads (at bottom right side), which is the main source of the income of this web app. As per the web app, at least half of their revenue is given for charity. And for opening each tab, between 1/3 and 1/10 of a cent is raised by you for charity. If you want, you can open this link to check the financial report of this web app for charity.

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How To Customize Chrome New Tab and Collect Points for Charity?

Go to the homepage of this web app and sign up to install this app on your Google Chrome browser. This app is also supported on other browsers, like Firefox.

After sign up, whenever you open new tab, a completely redesigned new tab will be in front of you. A background picture will be visible to you. You can add widgets provided by this web app to your new tab. For this, click on the icon available at top left corner. It will show all the widgets, like search bar, bookmarks widget, clock widget, etc. You need to drag n drop any required widget to a particular area of your new tab page.

add widgets to new tab of your Google Chrome

In the similar way, you can add more widgets. Each widget can be edited or deleted, whenever needed.

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Collect Points to Donate for Charity:

For opening each tab, a point (heart) will be added to your account which you can see at bottom left corner.

enahnced new tab page

Level by level, hearts will be collected. When there will be a sufficient amount of hearts is added in your account, you can donate those hearts. Use DONATE HEARTS button and a pop up will open. Using that pop up, you can choose the charity to which you want to donate your hearts.

donate hearts for a cause

To earn more hearts, you just need to open new tabs. Or you can also refer this web app to your friends to collect 250 points (for each individual friend) in one go.


I find this app a really great idea. We anyway watch advertisements all over the web on each website (including this one), so why not watch them to help some charity. By just opening the new tab, you help make the world a better place.

Get Tab for a Cause free.

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