5 Best Free Podcast Apps For iPhone

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Here is the list of 5 best free Podcast Apps for iPhone to play podcasts, subscribe to podcasts, download, podcasts, etc. You can create custom playlists for your podcasts and subscriptions and arrange them with priorities, filters, etc. Some of these also let you listen to your favorite radio shows, talk shows, comedy shows, etc. Discover tons of podcasts from categories such as business, sports, technology, music, education, and much more.

Let’s look at these iPhone apps below.



Overcast is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone to play audio podcasts, with amazing features like voice boost, smart playlists, and speed. It offers a simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface. You can use “Overcast” to download podcasts and play them even when you’re offline. It lets you discover and explore tons of new podcasts and also get recommendations from users you follow on Twitter.

You can create your own custom podcast playlists by assigning priorities and applying filters. Subscribe to podcasts, either by adding URL’s or searching them with different categories like technology, business, sports, science, etc. While playing a podcast, you can control playback speed, download podcasts, use voice boost (to normalize and improve sound), set a timer for sleep, or use smart speed to enhance speed without affecting the playback.



Castro is another interesting podcast app for iPhone that supports streaming and offline player mode. You can search dozens of new podcasts and play them with the amazing podcast player. It offers a timeline for episodes which makes it easier for you to view new episodes of all podcasts. Castro uses voice-optimized speed function that makes the sound of your podcasts really good while playing (fast or slow).

The best part is that you can play episodes even if you didn’t subscribe to the podcast, and automatically download episodes when they get published. Get instant notifications after new episodes of your subscribed podcasts are released. If you want to keep the latest episodes of podcasts only, then simply enable the “News Mode” from settings. The other features include automatic play for next episodes, full-screen themes, optimized player controls, sleep timer, and much more.

Pod Wrangler:

pod wrangler

Pod Wrangler uses Feed Wrangler RSS engine which make it much easier for podcast subscription, syncing episodes, and downloading podcasts in the background. It comes with a beautiful interface that enhances seamless streaming, downloading, and playback controls. As a free user, you can subscribe for up to 5 podcasts, and the limitations can be removed with a single in-app purchase.

You can easily discover tons of podcasts and browse them by favorites, providers, and categories like trending topics, hobbies, etc. You can either download episodes manually or subscribe to podcasts such that the released episodes will get automatically downloaded. The best part of “Pod Wrangler” is that you can import MP3 files to the app and convert it into podcasts. This feature is very useful in case of listening to something without actually streaming it.

Stitcher Radio:


Stitcher Radio is another great podcast app for iPhone to listen to podcasts. In addition to that, you can also listen to trending news, sports, comedy show, talk show, etc. You can easily discover dozens of live stations, podcasts, and over 25000+ talk shows including BBC, WSJ, Adam Carolla, and much more. You can create custom playlists for your favorite podcasts and shows. It lets you stream live or download podcasts for listening while in offline mode or not connected to the internet.

It automatically recommends you podcasts, episodes, and radio shows by tracking your usage activities. The best part is that you can connect your Facebook account and discover what your friends are listening to or share your own podcasts. Whenever, you want to listen to something, you don’t have to always connect to the internet as it allows you to add podcasts for offline listening.



It is a pretty simple and interesting app for iPhone to listen to podcasts. This app lets you discover tons of free podcasts and browse them with different categories like business, art, education, sports, government organizations, health, music, technology, comedy, and much more. In addition to that, it also allows you to browse podcasts by dozens of popular channels.

One of the best features of this app is that while playing any podcast, you can control its playback (play, pause, next/previous) using the default music controller. This feature is pretty useful as you don’t have to open the app again and again to control the playback. You can also use the additional Smart search bar to search podcasts and play them.

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