5 Online JSON to Excel Converter Free Websites

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Here are 5 free online JSON to Excel converter websites. You can paste JSON data from clipboard or upload a JSON file and then convert it to Excel file. While some sites let you generate output as XLSX format, other sites convert JSON to XLS.

Most of these JSON to Excel converters have other interesting features too. For example, you can view and edit JSON data before generating the output, convert JSON to CSV, add URL of online JSON, add separator as tab, semicolon, comma, and more.

Do note that some of these websites might not be able to convert nested JSON arrays to Excel, but normal JSON data can be converted very easily.

Let’s check these free JSON to Excel converter websites.

Code Beautify

Code Beautify JSON to Excel

Code Beautify is a whole suite that provides a lot of file converters and editors. JSON to Excel converter is one of its handy features. Here is the link to this tool. You can use it without any account or by creating a free account.

While using its JSON to Excel converter feature, you can load a JSON file URL, upload JSON (up to 1 MB) from PC, or create JSON file from scratch. After that, you can select output format as XLSX or XLS and use Convert button. It will open save as window using which you can store the output to PC in any folder.

As I already mentioned in starting, it provides other converters as well. For example, you can use Word to HTML converter, XML to JSON, Energy Converter, CSV to HTML, SQL to CSV, and more.

JSON to CSV Converter

JSON to CSV Converter

This website, as the name indicates, is actually there to convert JSON to CSV file. But, the good thing is you can also use it to convert JSON to Excel. The output Excel file is generated in XLSX format. Here is its link.

Its free plan lets you upload up to 1 MB JSON file from PC. Or else, like Code Beautify, you can add a JSON file URL or JSON data from scratch. After that, you can save output as CSV and/or XLSX. Another good feature of this website is you can also preview the output data.

This free JSON to Excel converter also lets you set some options. For example, you can set delimiter (semicolon, pipe, tab, or comma), column order (original order or smart ordering), etc. Use its options and convert JSON to Excel.


convertcsv website

Convertcsv.com (Homepage) is another handy website for JSON to Excel conversion. Like above mentioned websites, it also lets you add JSON data in three ways: upload JSON from PC, add JSON file URL, or paste JSON data. The benefit of pasting JSON data is you can edit its content before generating the output.

This website also lets you view as well as edit the result data which is one of its best features. This will help you check if output has come as expected. Once the output data is ready, you can download it as CSV and/or XLSX format file.

ExtendsClass JSON to Excel Converter

ExtendsClass JSON to Excel converter

ExtendsClass also brings a very useful JSON to Excel converter tool. Its link is here. The unique feature of this website is you can view JSON and output data side by side as well as edit it. So, you can do any changes you want and finally save output data. The output data can be downloaded as XLS and CSV file.

The separator (comma, semicolon, or tab) can also be set for the input data. This will help you generate output with expected data. Otherwise, it might not generate correct result.


BeautifyConverter.com website

BeautifyConverter.com is also a good option to convert JSON to XLSX. However, it wasn’t able to convert some JSON files which were converted with other sites easily. So, you need to check if it can convert your JSON files to Excel. If yes, then the website is simply good.

It brings many useful features. For example, you can view and edit JSON data, enable wrap mode, beautify JSON data, load JSON file from PC or add online JSON URL, download output as CSV and text file. All such features are very good. It also provides a separate section to preview output data but that is not available for Excel output.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which covers some useful online JSON to Excel converters. All are pretty useful to generate output as XLSX or XLS format file. If you need a multipurpose website, then “Code Beautify” is a better option to try. Otherwise, each website is nice to convert JSON to Excel.

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