8 Free Tools to Measure TTFB of a Website Online

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This article covers 8 free tools to measure TTFB of a website online.TTFB stands for Time To First Byte which is a metric to check the responsiveness of a website and webserver. TTFB is basically a measure of the time a website takes to load the first byte of data from the webserver in a web browser. It is different than the website speed as network latency is also a factor in TTFB.

There are many web-based tools where you can look up the DNS and check the website speed but not all of them show the TTFB. Since we are talking about TTFB, here I covered only those tools that measure and show the TTFB of a website. Along with TTFB, each of these tools also some other metrics so let’s check them out one by one.

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8 Free Tools to Measure TTFB of a Website Online:


measure ttfb of website - geekflare

The first free online tool to measure TTFB of a website on this list is GeekFlare. This is actually a set of tools for webmasters that help you test the DNS, TTFB, Security, SEO, and Network issues on a website. When you visit the website, simply select TTFB as the test from the dropdown option next to the text box. Then, enter the website URL on which you want to measure the TTFB and start the test.

In the results, this tool shows the quickest TTFB measure it gets on your website. It shows the time in milliseconds along with the location of the webserver. Along with the fastest results, it also shows three more TTFB measures from different locations. This helps you get a clear idea of the TTFB measure of your website across the web.


measure ttfb of website - keycdn

KeyCDN is a well-known name among the webmasters. This service offers a handful of tools from website performance to content delivery and SEO. It has a website performance test where you can find out the TTFB of a website. All you have to do is enter the website in this tool and initiate the test. Within a few seconds, it starts listing the results from different locations.

The results show you the location, status, ETAG, DNS, Connect timer, TLS, and TTFB of the website for each location. This gives you a detailed insight into the TTFB of a website by covering over a dozen of locations from all over the globe.


measure ttfb of website - bytecheck

The next tool to measure the TTFB of a website on this list is ByteCheck. Compared to all the other tools in this list, this one has a bit stylish UI with all the necessary details. When you run your website URL through this tool, it loads the homepage of your website, fetches results of various tests and gives your website a rating based on that.

On the left, it shows the TTFB of the website along with the total time. Whereas, on the right, it gives you an immersive look into the connection details. It shows you a waterfall diagram of the Redirect, DNS, Connect, SSL, Send, Wait, and Receive time in the exact order. It also shows you other small details such as HTTP code, Header size, Request size, Download speed, Upload speed, and Content-type.


measure ttfb of website - sucuri

Sucuri is a load time tester tool where you can measure various connection and page loading metrics of a website. this tool is also fairly simple to use; all you have to do is visit the website and enter the website URL on which you want to perform the test.

Within a few seconds, it starts listing the results by location. This tool performs the test on your website from different locations and put them all together to help you get insight into your website. It shows the TTFB, Connection, and Total time of the website from each location along with the website IP. Below the list, it plots the TTFB, Connection, and Total time on charts as well.


measure ttfb of website - site24x7

Site24x7 is known for its monitoring services for websites, servers, clouds, networks, applications, etc. It offers a free web page analyzer tool that you can use to measure TTFB of a website from different locations. This tool shows you the total load time of your website and gives it a PageSpeed score based on the Page Load Time, No, of Requests, and Page Size details.

After that, it gives you three long lists of Response Time Summary, Web Page Summary, and PageSpeed Summary. The Response Time Summary list is relevant to measure the TTFB of the website. It shows the various resource loading time along with TTFB. Then, it lists all the website resources and shows you the loading time for each resource.


measure ttfb of website - webpagetest

The next tool that you can use to measure TTFB of as website is WebPageTest. This tool also rates the performance of your website when you run a test. But unlike other tools on this list, the rating here is only for TTFB. When you run the test, it gives you the results along with a rating at the top.

This tool runs 2 tests on the website and shows the waterfall timing model for each test along with screenshot. It uses the results from both the test to give you median performance results covering resource loading time and other responses.

DotCom Tools

measure ttfb of website - dotcomtools

DotCom Tools is a collection of various types of tools for webmasters. It offers a Website Speed Test tool that can help you measure the TTFB of a website. You can run the test from over 20 different locations from all over the globe. Apart from the location, you can also choose a specific web browser for the test.

This tool also runs the test twice on your website. In the results, it lists the first and repeats loading times as per the location. Then, you can click on any results to get further detailed report along with TTFB and waterfall model. You can download the report as a PDF or CSV file.


measure ttfb of website - dareboost

Last, but not least, DareBoost is another tool that you can use to measure the TTFB of a website. This tool represents the results in a pleasing way with graphics and colors. When you run the test on your website, it first shows the issues and room for improvement on your website along with a speed score. Them it tells you the TTFB along with Start Render and Full Loaded time for a specific browser and server location. You can change the browser and location to check the results from different servers. However, this tool is not free forever. You can run 5 tests for free and after that, you have to be a subscriber to use the service.

Closing Words

These are 8 free tools to measure TTFB of a website online. All these tools give you insight into the TTFB time of your website along with many other key metrics of the website. Choosing one totally depends on what you need from the test. If you just want to measure the TTFB then you can go with any of them. But if you need more details then each of these has its own perks.

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