5 Free Online SVG Editors

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Here is a list of 5 free online SVG editors using which you can view and edit any SVG file with ease. SVG file is a vector image format based on XML for 2D graphics and it also supports the interactivity and animation (Source: Wikipedia). These websites are extremely easy to use and save your time of downloading a software to view and edit SVG files.

All of these websites offer different set of features for helping you edit SVG files and none of them asks you to register. Simply open the web site you want to use and start working on it. Apart from editing, some of them also let you create new SVG file. So let’s get started.

1. Method Draw:

Method Draw

The first website to edit SVG files online is Method Draw. It lets you create new SVG document and edit an existing one. For editing, you can also choose the canvas size. All the tools for editing the SVG file are on left side. It includes tools like pencil tool, pen tool, shapes, add text, zoom feature, eye dropper tool, etc. It also lets you choose to view the wireframe view mode. There are few element specific options which you can access by right clicking on that particular element. When you are done editing, you can choose to save the file as image or PNG.

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2. SVG-edit:


SVG-edit is the second online SVG editor which is hosted on Google Code. It is a very feature rich SVG editor when you think about the fact that it is completely free to use. It lets you upload images from PC and you can also create new ones. All the editing tools are on the left and you can easily switch between tools with one click. Some of the tools are pen, pencil, zoom, text, shape library, etc. It also lets you edit the source file and apply the corresponding changes. As for saving the file, you can save it as images and PNG file.

There are many more features which varies with different elements that you will use while editing the SVG file.

3. Draw SVG:

Draw SVG

Now let’s move to the third online SVG editor known as Draw SVG. It lets you add SVG file by uploading from PC, adding URL, or via clipart. It also has some sample files which you can use to try out its features. When you have added the file, then you can use the editing tools by clicking on the specific section. The editing tools section has Selection, Draw Elements, Draw Shapes, Stroke Style, Fill Style, Text Style, Marker Style, and Options. Clicking on the section displays all the tools available under it and you can use them.

4. Vectomatic:


The second last SVG editor in the list is Vectomatic. It lets you open SVG file from PC as well as via OpenClipart RSS feed. On opening the file, you will see different elements used in making the SVG file on the left side. The controls for rotating the file content and zoom in/out are on top right side. All other options can be accessed by right-clicking on the element. These options are Edit Geometry, Edit Transform, Remove Element(s), and Properties.

5. SVG Editor:

SVG Editor

SVG Editor is the last online SVG editor in the list. It supports file uploading only from PC. On opening the file, you will see the file content on the right side and all the editing options on the left side. These options are Optimization, Namespaces related, remove whitespace, elements, attributes, and styles. It also lets you view the source code of the imported SVG file.

These were the 5 free online SVG editors which you can use to view and edit SVG files with ease. Try them out to see which one fits your need best.

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