3 Free Online PUB To DOC Converter Websites

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Here are 3 free online PUB to DOC converter websites. For converting a PUB (Microsoft Publisher format) file to DOC format file, these websites are very helpful. Some of these Microsoft Publisher to DOC converter websites support batch conversion and one of them can be used to convert one file at a time.

Each individual PUB to DOC converter website has its unique features. For example, one website lets you upload up to 100 MB PUB file, while other website lets you upload PUB file from Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

So, let’s see the first online PUB to DOC converter present in this list.


Zamzar PUB to DOC Converter

Zamzar is one of my favorite websites for converting files online. It can convert audio, video, archives, documents, and images. Among the list of supported formats, converting PUB to DOC file is also possible and doing the same is pretty easy using this website. It also keeps the original formatting so this is one of the reasons this website is good for converting Microsoft Publisher format files to DOC files. You can convert PUB files in batch. Maximum PUB file size limit is 50 MB in the free version. You have the choice to convert an online PUB file or upload Microsoft Publisher format files from PC.

To convert a PUB file to DOC format file, you need to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Add PUB files from PC or add the URL of a single PUB file.
  • Select output format as DOC, DOCX format is also supported as output format.
  • Provide your email address. This is necessary because the links for output DOC files are sent to that particular email address.
  • Use Convert button to begin the conversion and receive output files via emails.

All your files are kept for 1 day only. After that, it deletes all those files from servers.

Free Online Word Converter

Free Online Word Converter

Free Online Word Converter competes with Zamzar very well. It also supports batch conversion. It doesn’t matter whether you want to convert 5 or 10 PUB files at once, but maximum file size limit is 10 MB. Rest of the things are pretty simple.

You can add PUB files from PC and then begin the file conversion process. One by one, all PUB files are converted to DOC format files and a separate download link for each output file is given in front of every file.

A file is stored on servers for 24 hours or 10 downloads. If any of these conditions meet first, your file is completely removed from servers.

This website also preserves original formatting. So output DOC file will come exactly as original PUB file.


Online-Convert.com pub to doc converter

Online-Convert.com is also a useful PUB to DOC converter website. It has a unique feature not provided by above-mentioned websites. You can upload a PUB file from Dropbox, Google Drive, your PC, or add an online Microsoft Publisher file for converting to DOC format file. Only one PUB can be converted to DOC at a time, but the good thing is that file size limit is up to 100 MB. So in case, you have a huge PUB file that can’t be converted using the above two websites, then this website will come in handy.

This website generates DOC file in plain format. That means, it won’t keep the original background and only a simple DOC file with plain text is generated.

Once the output DOC is generated, it will remove your uploaded file after 10 downloads or 24 hours.

The Verdict:

All these PUB to DOC converter websites do their task very well and gives you output as expected. Among these, Zamzar is my favorite website because I am using it for a very long time and using it is pretty simple. Other Microsoft Publisher to DOC converter websites are also good, no doubt, but the favorite one for me is Zamzar.

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