5 Free Texas Hold’Em Poker Game for Facebook Not to be Missed

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This article lists 5 free Texas Hold’Em Poker games for Facebook. Texas Hold’Em Poker games are pretty popular and attract a lot of users online. Poker is a betting card game in which you have to follow certain rules. The dealer will deal cards and you have to bet against other players. If you have good cards and are confident of them, then you can try out your luck. But before you actually start playing you might want to learn the basics, otherwise you will end up loosing all your chips.

All the Poker games have good graphics and background sound, along with other features and options. Let’s look at these free Texas Hold’Em Poker games for Facebook below.

Texas Hold’Em Poker by Zynga

Texas Hold’em Poker by Zynga is a very popular poker game amongst players. When you start the game you will get lots of options to buy chips and all. Which you can just cross out of and reach the main page of the game. Here you have to click a golden colored button on top which says play now. This button will take you to a room and sit you on a table with other players, like can be seen in the screenshot above. If a game is going on, then you will have to wait for it to finish, before cards are dealt to you. Once you are in the game you will be dealt the first two cards and the first round of betting will begin. You betting options are given right below where you name appears on the table.

You can start with the minimum bet. The right side bottom you will see a windows for chatting with other players on your table. On top of the screen you will be shown which level you are playing at. In case you want to leave the table, you can click the options given on the top left side which are to lobby, stand up, and new table. You can use any of these three options to leave the current table you are on.

Poker Texas Hold’Em Deluxe

Poker Texas Hold’Em Deluxe game is a poker game for Facebook. We start with this game as this game also has a good tutorial section. When you start the game you are given a few coins for free to start the game. Then you are asked if you are a beginner or know how to play. Start with the beginner button. This will take you to the tutorial section. In this tutorial first you will be introduced to the interface of the app and what option is where will be shown to you. Then you will be introduced to how the game works, like how the cards are distributed, what attributes to a good hand, etc. Then you will be shown the actions to perform like when to bet, raising a bet, folding, etc.

When you know and have a good understanding of the game and interface, then you can click on the play now button to enter a room. If a game is already going on you will be asked to wait. After that you will be able to join that table with other players. You will be dealt your cards, and then you can decide whether you have good cards or not and if you want to bet or fold. The graphics of the game are good. The game also has an option to let you chat with other players.

Pokerist – Texas Hold’Em Poker

Pokerist is a Texas Hold’Em Poker game for Facebook. The game is pretty fun to play with nice graphics and sound. The interface of the app is much neat and does not have too many confusing options. As you can see in the screenshot above the playing area has all the options you need and looks quite neat. When you start this game you can go ahead and join any table you like by scrolling them. There is a minimum bet on each table, which you should check out before joining them. Once you click on a table you will be taken to a interface like the one shown in the above screenshot. Here you will be added to this table and you will be able to see what other players are on the table.

You betting options are given at the bottom of the screen. A narration of what’s happening can be seen in the left side bottom window. You are now ready to play and place your bets. You can even invite your friends to play along with you.

WSOP – Texas Hold’Em Poker

WSOP – Texas Hold’Em Poker is another fun poker game app for Facebook. WSOP stand for world series of Poker and as other games this game also has awesome graphics. On the home page of the game you will get some coins to start the game with. Click the play now button to start your game and you will be taken to a table to join. The table will look like the screenshot above. The interface is pretty clean and no distracting options are there on the page. You can go ahead and start playing along with the other players on your table. Your betting options are given below the table.

You can chat with players in the room through the chat option given on the bottom left side. On the right side of the screen you will shown who won which round and the cards the person won because of. Again the graphics and the background sound of the app are awesome. To exit the table click the lobby button given on the top left side of the screen.

DH Texas Poker

DH Texas Poker is another Texas style poker game for Facebook. In this game app also on the main page of the app you will have to choose which room you want to be in. You can select a casino, participate in championships, or choose a private room. In casino style rooms you have to choose a city, but the cities each have a minimum buy in amount. Once you select a city you will be taken to join a table like shown in the above screenshot. You will join a table with other players. Your hand will be dealt to you and you have to wait for your turn to make your bet. You betting options will be given right below your name.

Left bottom there will be a window to chat with other members on the table. This window will also let you know which player has made which bet. To leave the room you can click the arrow button given on the top left side of the screen.

These are the 5 free Texas Hold’Em Poker games for Facebook, which you should definitely try out. In this process you can also become a master of this game and challenge your friends. If you want to learn how to play this game then start with the second game in this list which is Poker Texas Hold’Em Deluxe, as it has a very detailed and easy tutorial. Apart from this all the other games are pretty fun to play with lovely graphics. So do try them out and see which one you like.

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