USB Dumper: Software To Copy USB File Into PC Without User Interaction

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USB Dumper is a freeware that copies USB files into PC without needing any kind of intervention. It automatically copies all the files including the hidden files contained inside USB, the moment you connect the USB into PC. Then it pastes the files into the USB folder inside C drive (the main drive where the OS is installed). And all of these are done automatically.

It is a simple but handy software and, it downloads fast as it’s size is just 973 KB. The download link is given at the end of the article. It’s a good freeware to use when you have some thing important to do, and urgently need to copy some files from USB, without getting distracted by the USB auto-run and the task of manually copying the files.

Automatically copy USB files into PC without any intervention using USB Dumper:

This is a straight simple software, and makes use of the task manager to control it’s execution. There’s no interface of the software for copying USB files, it does all the copying silently, at the background. Simply install the freeware. The installation is very easy and takes few seconds. After installation, all you need to do is run the freeware once. The only interface that you’ll get is for starting USB Dumper. There are simply two buttons Start and Cancel. Click on Start and the software runs at background. It doesn’t adds it’s tray icon to the right corner of your PC screen. The only way to close the freeware is by running the Task Manager and closing it from there.

USB Dumper - starting USB Dumper

Since, there’s no interface, and everything is done by the freeware itself. So, it becomes too easy to use the freeware. All you need to do next is, simply connect the USB to PC and the freeware automatically copies the USB contents. Nothing will be displayed on the screen while copying files. So no disturbance at all. However if your file sizes are big then, make sure that you connect the USB long enough.

USB Dumper - destination folder

The freeware automatically creates a folder named USB in C Drive, and then pastes the USB files in this folder. This freeware can copy files of all sizes and all types (including the hidden files as well). And if the files are already existing in destination USB folder, then it simply skips the already present files during copying. You won’t notice anything and the files will get copied automatically.

USB Dumper - copied files

Key features of USB Dumper:

  • Completely free.
  • Automatically copies USB files into PC.
  • Copies files of all sizes and types, including hidden ones.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No disturbance while copying USB files.
  • Lightweight.

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USB Dumper certainly is handy freeware. Its simple and gives a very minimalist way to copy USB files into PC. However, make sure that you remove the copied files from destination USB folder, otherwise it’ll get too crowded. All in all a good freeware to use.

Get USB Dumper here.

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