BuduLock: Freeware to Lock Folders and Lock USB Drive

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BuduLock is a free folder lock software to lock a folder against unauthorized access.

BuduLock is a small free handy application that protects your personal data as well as aids in the maintenance of your computer’s security; in short it is a folder locker. The program has two main functions and these are to lock and unlock folders and enable or disable USB drives.

Lock or Unlock Folders:

The locking and unlocking of folders requires the user to create a password; without this password, folders and files will remain locked or unlocked. Users are also able to lock and unlock flash drive files. If, in the event, a user’s flash drive is stolen or misplaced, no one is able to access the data unless he or she knows the password.


Clearly this folder lock software is the ideal free software to have for those with sensitive information. A password protected folder, is a safe folder. In order to unlock a folder, the user must first click on the open folder icon, then enter his or her password to gain access. Note: The folder must be “active” to be unlocked. Other folder locking software we reviewed earlier include Secure Folder, My Lockbox, and Folder Protector.

Lock or Unlock USB Drives:

The ability of this free password protect software to enable and disable the USB, adds to the security of the user’s computer. If the user chooses to disable USB drive or drives, no unauthorized person will be able to access the drive. This is to say that, even if this person inserts his or her own flash drive into the port, data cannot be read, uploaded or downloaded; the USB port is effectively shutdown.

Prior to taking advantage of this security option, users must first enter the User Account Control (UAC) and either switch the option, on or off. There is also a password that will need to be created within the UAC. To do this, simply click on “Change your password” icon.

This software will easily password protect USB drive and make it safe from any and all unauthorized individuals trying to gain access to your system. It is important to note that free BuduLock only locks (or unlocks) the USB of the computer, not the flash memory itself.

Download BuduLock here.

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