Manage Multiple Operating Systems using EasyBCD

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EasyBCD is a free tool which lets you create and manage multiple operating systems on a single PC. You can manage and edit the way your system boots from the current operating system which is in use. Basically you can create a dual-boot system. As compared to windows default loader, EasyBCD has an easy to use interface and a more sophisticated Graphical User Interface. Easy BCD not only sets the bootable operating system’s priority but also allows you to edit the boot order, primary bootable and secondary bootable operating system. EasyBCD supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

EasyBCD is an application that allows you to create a multi boot environment, so that you can run more then one operating systems on the same computer. This application also features Boot Configuration Data or BCD Backup and Repair utilities which provide you various settings that can be utilised to reset its configuration or can recreate and repair boot files.


The software also features a well-defined interface, in which each functionality gets its own separate section. You may be able to get a complete overview of the current settings of the computer, the installed OS and its order. It allows you to change the name and position of it in the list, ant it is as easy as pressing two buttons.


Now, when you will try to tweak the present boot listing, you would be allowed to change the Mode to Safe Mode, and also limit the windows to use only a specific number of CPUs. To add on to it, EasyBCD provides an option to choose and run the Operating System in Verbose-Boot or Kernel-Debug Mode. EasyBCD also allows you to set the system start up time, or the time that needs to be passed (wait time) till the default Operating System is loaded. You can also disable the timeout option completely and ask user to provide the input instead.

EasyBCD lets you add new boot entries for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, which can be added from say an external device. It also provides you the options to create bootable disk or bootable USB using a certain part of partition. You can definitely rely on EasyBCD in order to set the BCD of your system, or to recreate or repair your boot files, or if you want to change the boot drive. EasyBCD has a utility section which is very useful and displays various options, wherein they load Windows’ inbuilt utilities, like System Restore, Control Panel or System Info.

Key Features of EasyBCD

  • It is easy to use tool having simple GUI and can be used even by the inexperienced users.
  • It is a free tool which is available to use for home computers.
  • Extremely well organised and give more advanced options for boot control.
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac OS and windows.
  • Allows you to edit and add new entries for boot OS manually.
  • It has a backup utility which backs up all the data that is to be changed.
  • Allows you to create a bootable external drive.
  • Allows you to set boot priority option without having to edit it in windows boot loader.
  • Allows you to edit Legacy entries as well.

Overall Review

EasyBCD is a handy and easy to use tool. We can surely find use of loading multiple operating systems together, especially when you are an enthusiast and want to learn more about different features offered by different operating systems. Since EasyBCD has got a simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface it is fairly easy to be used even by the inexperienced Users. And it is a great tool to use if you are having difficulties managing your system with multiple operating systems installed. Get Easy BCD from here.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Free/Paid: Free

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