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Taskforce Gmail app is a browser add-on that you can download for your Gmail that helps you organize Gmail. The way it works is it separates you email in different categories; tasks to do, informational emails, and announcements. This makes sorting through your email a breeze. As a busy freelancer I immediately added it to use for my massive amount of email as soon as I saw it advertised. The best thing about it, it is free! Taskforce works with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

You know what a pain it is to lose a message or have to go through hundreds to delete from your inbox. If you run a business then you need to have some control over everything that is coming in and going out of your inbox. We cannot all have a personal assistant to go through our inbox, so this is a great free product for the working man or women. The screenshot below shows how easy it is to convert an email into a task with TaskForce. You can provide due date for tasks, and mark them as completed.


To use Taskforce you just go to TaskForce website, click to add it to your Gmail account and it will take it from there. It will install as a browser extension. You can set up the way you would like it to handle your email, but it does a lot of its own to make sure it is getting your inbox organized.

You can also use it to plan out tasks by adding information for new ones to it. If this is a task you need people in your network to help with then you can send an email so they know. You can use it for spam control as well, because if you say do not let it in my inbox, task force will not.

Some other browser plugins for Gmail are: Boomerang, and ActiveInbox.

Here are some of the features of TaskForce:

Works With Users Outside of Taskforce

Since this is a free open program that works well with mobiles, it can be used to sync with people who are not using the network. It is innovative and saves you the time of having to go to different sites to send messages to different networks. When you can send a mass task alert to everyone at once then it is a good day.

Organizes Emails for You

You will wonder how you ever lived without Taskforce. You are going to love signing into your email instead of dreading it. In your inbox will be neatly organized mail that you want there. What more could you ask for?

Keeps you on Track

Staying on top of your game is important in the fast paced corporate world. You will never miss an important lead or a big announcement email, because Taskforce will not let you. It will give you peace of mind that you are always one step ahead of your competition. Try it today, and start de-cluttering your inbox.

There has been a huge advent of such email organizers, especially for Gmail. All of these help you in keeping your mailbox organized, and Taskforce is a nice addition to this list. It installs easily, so try it out, and see how helpful it is for you. Of course, you can easily uninstall it if you don’t like,

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Works With: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
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