How To Run Firefox OS Simulator In Firefox Browser

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Firefox OS is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. This operating system has been developed by Mozilla. Firefox OS is a completely open source mobile operating system.

If you are an early adopter and want to get a feel of this OS, then you can just run it in your Firefox browser using a simulator. In this post we will cover how to run the Firefox OS simulator but first let’s get to know about the operating system.

How To Run FireFox OS Simulator In Firefox Browser

The company has introduced this operating system to introduce a mobile platform that is will give the users and the manufacturers freedom from proprietary mobile platforms and software. I know that Android is also billed as a open source operating system, but Google maintains its tight grip on it.

Firefox OS brings a refreshing take on the mobile operating system and the way things are supposed to be done.

Currently, there are no devices that have been specifically developed for this operating (though, they are coming soon); but Firefox OS has been demonstrated on some Android smartphones. If you would like to see how this new operating system looks, feels, and also develop for it; then Mozilla has developed a simulator in the form of an simple addon for Firefox Browser. The extension lets you feel and see how this mobile mobile phone OS works, looks, and feels.

Steps to run Firefox OS In Firefox Browser:

  • To get started we will download this extension from this link. The extension is a little large, around 60 MB, so it will take quite a bit of time to download than any usual Firefox extension.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the addon, an installation window will popup. Now that you have installed the Firefox OS simulator, just click on the menu in Firefox and then navigate to the web developer and from that list select the Firefox OS simulator option as pointed out in the screenshot below.

Steps to run Firefox OS simulator In Firefox Browser

  • Now you will have the page as shown in the screenshot below; this area is called Dashboard of the Firefox OS Simulator. Now just click on the simulator toggle as pointed out in the screenshot below to open and start the Firefox OS simulator.

FireFox OS Simulator

  • After you have clicked on the toggled the option as shown in the above step it will open up a window as shown in the screenshot below. In this window the Firefox OS will be emulated

firefox os lockscreen

  • The simulator allows you to add web apps to the Firefox OS with ease. Just add the link and click Add URL as pointed out in the screenshot below. The app will appear on your home screen and it will run like any other app on the operating system.

add apps to firefox os

  • In the screenshot below you will be able to see that the Google app has been created on your home screen.

new app added to firefox os

My Experience with Firefox OS Simulator:

The interface of the operating system is quite similar to Android OS. The simulator comes included with quite a bit of apps like: calendar, clock, camera, FM radio, Marketplace, Cost control, E-mail, Music, Video, Clock, Task, and others apps; including application specifically made for the developers.

Features of Firefox OS

The simulator run amazingly smooth without any glitches and with good speeds. The interface of the OS is extremely simple and intuitive. This mobile OS can be run easily by anyone who is not at all geeky. Also this simulator allows you to add more apps to the Firefox with ease so that you can test out your apps on the new operating system.

So, if you have been reading about Firefox OS and want to take it for a spin, do give this Firefox OS simulator a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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