How to Preview and Close Tabs Before Screen Sharing in Google Meet

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how to close tabs before screen sharing in Google Meet. To do this, here I will talk about a free Chrome extension, Allurt that you can use. This extension basically adds a popup in the Google Meet share screen button where you can see list of all the opened Chrome tabs and close the ones that are personal. Basically, here it allows you to double check the tab that you are going to share in a meeting or conference.

Even though Chrome shows you preview of tabs or windows before sharing, you can’t close them if you want to. And in case you are using multiple Chrome windows with multiple tabs in them then it will be annoying to find the tabs you want to exclude and close it. But with the help of this extension, you will not have to do any struggle as it offers you a one-click option to close any tab instantly.

How to Preview and Close Tabs Before Screen Sharing in Google Meet?

Go ahead and install this extension from here. After that, you simply need to use it in a Google Meet. There is no activation or sign-in required in order to make it work. Just add it to Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Opera and forget it.

Allurt Install in Chrome

Now, you open a Google Meet. Start a meeting or join one. When you want to share your screen, you simply need to click on the screen share icon and then there you will see Allurt button.

Allurt Home

Click on the button and then it will show you all the tabs in a popup. You can see this in the screenshot below. Just select a tab from this list to preview its title and there is a close button along with it as well. From there, you can easily close any tab. This is as simple as that.

Allurt in Action

In this way, you can quickly preview and close tabs just before starting screen share on Google Meet. This Allurt extension is a really useful tool for that. If you often share the wrong tab or in your Screen share if your personal tabs are visible then it can save you from embarrassment.

Final thoughts:

Allurt is a useful extension for people who join a lot of meetings daily. I liked the way it works to help quickly preview a tab and then closes it. So, try it on your own and see how it works out for you. You will be dynamically able to close tabs of Chrome in a click without having to search for it in multiple Chrome windows.

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