How to Paste Google Docs in WordPress by Automatically Cleaning HTML

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how to paste Google Docs in WordPress by automatically cleaning HTML. By default, when you copy-paste Google Docs anywhere, it adds a lot of unnecessary elements in the markup such as span and list tags. In one click, you can get rid of all the irrelevant markup and have a clean code in the WordPress editor.

If you create your webpage content in Google Docs, then you probably have noticed that the HTML that it generates is very messy. Sometimes, you manually have to get rid of the irrelevant markup on your own which can take up a lot of time. Thus, you can rely on a simple Chrome extension that I have mentioned here.

GDocs to WordPress markup cleaner is the name of the Chrome extension and it adds a simple button in the WordPress classic editor. You just paste the Google Docs content as usually and then clean the unnecessary tags in a click. This is as simple as that. With this extension, you will have optimized webpages and it is always a good practice to have a clean code for the HTML pages.

How to Paste Google Docs in WordPress by Automatically Cleaning HTML

How to Paste Google Docs in WordPress by Automatically Cleaning HTML?

Start by installing the Chrome extension from here and then just leave it with the default options in the Chrome toolbar. Or, if you want then you can simply open the options page and then extension settings from there. Specify a custom class for internal links and external links there.

GDocs to WordPress Options

Now, you can start using it. Copy something from the Google Docs and then paste it in the WordPress editor. You will see some extra gibberish there as well which is probably not needed. Also, you will notice an extra button in the WordPress editor to clean the markup.

Cleanup HTML Button

Click on the “Cleanup HTML” and you will have the cleaned-up code that you can save. You can see the difference in the screenshot I added in the beginning or the screenshot below.

Cleaned Up HTML in WordPress

In this way, you can use this simple Chrome extension to cleanup HTML in the code that you copy from Google Docs. The process is very simple and straightforward. Just install the Chrome extension and then everything else is just a game of few clicks.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a cleaner way to copy-paste from Google Docs in WordPress editor, then you are at the right place. Just use the Chrome extension mentioned here and then you are all good to go. it works with the default options, but you are free to tweak the extension options too if you want to.

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