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If you are looking for a free email client that is lightweight, easy-to-use and full of features, you should check out free Sylpheed. Sylpheed is a free email client that provides users with an easily navigated interface and is designed for keyboard-oriented operation.

This free email managing software uses the GTK and GUI toolkit and the latest version uses GTK 2.4 or later.


The software is able to be downloaded completely free and may be modified and redistributed. The program is compatible with Windows OS computers as well as Linux. Sylpheed’s screens are in the three panel layout; which is used in other programs such as Microsoft’s Outlook. The creators of this easy-to-use free email program are continually improving the program’s functions and seem to focus their efforts on making it a free email application that will not confuse people. The keyboard commands, in particular are designed so that users can read mail efficiently – mouse commands are also simple.

Sylpheed is quite feature rich, but and very useful if you prefer to work with your keyboard more. But I would go with some of the more modern looking free email clients, like, Zimbra Desktop, or even Thunderbird coupled with Gmail conversation view.

As mentioned above, users are free to alter the configuration of the program in order to make even simpler to navigate. This configuration option also includes customizing how a users mail is displayed in the interface. The configuration options are many and users are literally able to make this free email manager their own. Sylpheed’s default settings are designed to save the user the hassle of setting up the complete program; thus users only need to configure the email account and other miscellaneous tasks.

As mentioned above, this free email application is super lightweight, meaning the program is able to handle up to 20 thousand emails in one hit. The program has been built using C language which gives it its lightness and stops any kind of sluggishness or stalling. It is because of its C language programming that has made it a very reliable free email client. If the program is stopped suddenly or there is a power outage, no mail will be lost; regardless of the amount of mail being downloaded.

All messages are managed in the MH format which means users are able to export, copy and backup easily. This particular format allows for messages to easily be deleted, moved or saved whenever the user commands the application.

This free email client application also has an excellent search option; allowing users to find emails quickly and efficiently. Sylpheed uses a filter system to find messages. Using ‘strings’ the program is able to easily match different messages and find the one or more messages the user is looking for.

Sylpheed also has a strong filter system for junk mail (spam). The program makes use of out external commands. Users are able to manually delete spam or allow Sylpheed to perform this operation. As spam is deleted from the program, Sylpheed learns the source of the junk mail and prevents any mail from that source gaining access to your system. This option can be adjusted depending on the user’s wishes.

Free Sylpheed is multilingual program and supports many foreign languages including high-level Japanese. It also supports the most common email protocols. Namely:  POP3, IMAP4rev1, SMTP and NNTP .

The main features of this free email client are as follows:

  • An easy-to-use and simple interface.
  • Built-in options make configuring the program simple.
  • A lightweight program, capable of saving 20 to 30 thousand emails at one time.
  • Highly reliable with a single file format.
  • Able to be configured to accept various plug-ins.
  • A Powerful search engine, coupled with a powerful spam filter.
  • Built-in security features, namely GnuPG, SSL/TLSv1
  • Supports various email protocols.
  • Multilingual and able to process high-level Japanese.
  • Flexible and able to be commanded using external keys.

Clear this free email client, Sylpheed is a good for those who have little or no experience with using email, as well as for those who want something better or different in an email application. If you are looking for a different email client to try out, do give Sylpheed a shot, and let us know your feedback.

Download Sylpheed free.

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