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Digsby is a free IM client that lets you connect to many chat networks. Using Digsby, you can connect with GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, MSN, and many more. Apart from chat networks, Digsby also connects with all popular social networks, like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and many more. And Digsby doesn’t stops there. It integrates with your email provider as well, like: GMail, and other POP3  / IMAP mails.

In a nutshell, Digsby is a free Multi-protocol IM client with the additional features of social network and email integration.

The application has a totally awesome minimalistic interface. This software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and its free on all operating systems.

digsby main window interface

Everyone has so many accounts on different IM , social networks, and email providers these days. And you have to log into each one of them separately to check whats going on with each of them or you have to install each ones standalone software.

Digsby solves the above problem by integrating all the popular services in one application, so that you don’t have to individually log into each of them. Yes, there are many other applications like this, but Digsby is the only application, which I think integrates the email and social network part properly (if you strongly object to this, do let me know in comments; in a not so rude language :) )

I would like to recommend this application personally.

How to Install and Configure Digsby:

  • There is nothing special about installation, just keep on clicking next, and it will be over in a while.
  • After you have installed the application. Just run it from the start menu or the desktop icon by clicking on it.
  • Now a screen will come up, where you have to create an account with Digsby. After doing so you will be greeted with a login window here you are supposed to login with you credentials.

digsby login window

  • Then a window will appear as following, where you are supposed to add details about your different accounts that you would like to add to Digsby.  These includes Hotmail, Facebook, Google Talk, MySpace, Gmail, Yahoo mail, AIM,  MSN, ICQ, Facebook chat, Jabber, AOL / AIM Mail.
  • We are done with the boring stuff, after the above just start chatting.
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How to Use Digsby:

Chat with Digsby: Now that you have setup Digsby, let’s start chatting on it. As you are connected to all your networks, you will be able to see all your online friends in the main window of Digsby. To start chatting with them, just double click on the name, and fire off; without worrying about which chat network are they on. The chats are presented in tabbed manner, so that with all these  services it doesn’t gets confusing. It has the ability to transfer files and saves chat history.

Social Networks and mail notification: Digsby shows notification icons in the system tray for all your social networks, as well as email. . Each icon shows number of unread notifications.  To access the social networks and mail just click on the notifications presented in the system tray. Clicking on the icon of each network will bring up the details about it. Also the missed notifications are shown as number count on each individual icon.

digsby system tray

The posts,  tweets, and email notification come up as non intrusive pop-ups on the lower left corner of your desktop. Just a right-click will dismiss them.

digsby notification popup
How do I my update status:  You can update all your network status from one place (even updates the IM’s status too). To do so just select which of the networks you would want to update your status as shown in the dialog below.
digsby status updateCustomization: Change the way the interface looks with skins, modify conversation bubbles, and customized notification.
How to create a chat room for your blog, website etc: You can create a chat rooms that can be embedded in your blogs, websites etc; so that you can interact with your visitors directly. For this follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open up this LINK, fill the chat rooms title and your nickname.
Step 2: Now it will ask you to login, logon with your Digsby credentials.
Step 3: A page will come up with the HTML code, copy and paste this code on to your page.
digsby chatroom


This multi-protocol IM client helps organize your online life and presents every thing in an ordered way. So I would like to recommend this application for those who like to have a sustained online presence but don’t want to logon into each of them separately and want a simple all in one solution. The interface is easy, intuitive to navigate through and operate multiple accounts. The notifications are non intrusive and application is light just 18Mb. Since the the day I reviewed this application, I have been using digsby regularly.

Watch this awesome demo video. After viewing this you are definitely going to download Digsby.


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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
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