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AutoBG is a free desktop enhancement utility which is very useful for creating dynamic slideshows on your desktop background. This free desktop wallpaper creator is handy for all those of you who wish to have an application which works in the desktop background to make your desktop look more than static as it used to be. AutoBG automatically creates a new image which is to be used as the next picture the moment Windows or the user switches to a new image. The program comes with the ability of generating programs which includes the random images from random xkcd comic or the Mandelbrot set. Moreover it comes with the feature of allowing other programs to be easily added and used. You can create dynamic desktop background slideshows using this free desktop enhancement utility.

Installing AutoBG

This free desktop background creator besides being simple to be used is very simple to be installed on your system. In order to have this program working on your computer you need to visit here and click on the download link. The moment you do so you are redirected to a new page where the download gets started after 5 seconds. Being a small file it takes a few seconds to be downloaded on your system after which you could unzip the files and launch the program on your computer. If you want to check out some more desktop enhancement utility, you can try XWidget, Aximion 3D Desktop and MooO Multi-Desktop.

Creating Dynamic Desktop Background Slideshows

In order to launch the program you have to click on the Background.exe file launched from the unzipped files. When you would launch you might not observe anything happening on your screen. However the program once launched gets minimized in the taskbar and starts its activity. You can access the options by clicking on the icon at the taskbar which pops up several options. To start using the software you need set a few options so that the software performs as per your needs.

The first thing to do is to select one of the following options from the Background menu:

  • Mandelbrot Set: It would generate picture from Mandelbrot set.
  • Time and Date: Selecting this option would display the current time and date on the system.
  • Webpage: It would launch the webpage for changing and checking Background options whereby displaying them statically.
  • NatGeo: This would set the background to National Geographic Picture of the day.

Further from the menu option called the ‘’Background Options you can select various colours for the pictures that are being saved from your background. At the top you have the option of saving the present background manually after clicking on which would ask you to select the location where you wish to save the image file of your existing desktop background. The image gets saved in the JPG format.

The folder where you had unzipped the folder or the files which you downloaded, you would observe two files being created named jpg1.jpg and jpg2.jpg. Now you need to right click on your desktop and click on personalize. There you would be required to select Desktop Background where you need to browse to the unzipped folder and select jpg1.jpg and jpg2.jpg. Also keep in mind to select the desired time interval in the space available.

The slide can also be updates manually by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Next Desktop Background. After you have done all these you are ready to use the software and let it run automatically giving you a great feel of your system.

AutoBG is a free desktop enhancement utility which is very useful for creating dynamic slideshows on your desktop background. Try AutoBG Free

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