Yahoo Messenger Revamped, Undo Sent Text and Pictures

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Good news for the lovers of Yahoo Messenger! Your favorite messenger is revamped and has brought stunning features. What was not possible earlier with Yahoo Messenger can be done now easily. This new version is available for the web, Android and iPhone, and Yahoo Mail. You might not get the new version on Yahoo Mail now, but it will be there soon.

Yahoo Messenger has gifted you a couple of really interesting features. The most interesting and much-awaited feature that is not available in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other messengers is that you can undo sent messages and pictures. Apart from this, you can now share photos in a series, send and view animated GIFs, and like any photo as well as a message.

Have a look at the quick recording made by me to show what new Yahoo Messenger has got for you.

Yahoo Messenger Revamped

You can also view this short video introducing new features of Yahoo Messenger.

Get The New Yahoo Messenger:

You can tap on this link to open the homepage of new Yahoo Messenger. From its homepage, you can get the mobile apps or open the web version by signing into your Yahoo account.

After signing in (talking about web interface), you will see the minimal interface of Yahoo Messenger. Now you can start a new chat with a single person (available in your contact list), create a group with your contacts, or send a message to a new person to connect and chat.

start a new coversation

Once you are connected with a person, you can chat and:

Take Back Sent Messages and Photos:

undo sent message and photo

Ever sent a right picture or message to the wrong guy and wished to get it back when using Yahoo Messenger? Your wish is fulfilled now. Hovering the mouse cursor over a sent message or photo provides Delete icon. Clicking that icon will delete the sent item from receiver’s end.

Mobile users need to tap and hold on a message or picture to access this option.

Send Animated GIFs:

Animated GIF is popular as well as an interesting way to convey a message. And this feature is now available in your Yahoo Messenger too. The web interface shows an image icon for a particular conversation using which you can upload still images and animated GIF files from PC.

send animated gifs

The mobile interface brings a separate option “GIF” to send animated GIFs.

Show Your Love for a Photo or Message:

like a photo or message

Don’t just type that photo or message you send is lovely to the receiver. Show your love for that photo or message by liking it. Yes! Yahoo Messenger provides a ‘Heart’ icon to let the receiver know that you liked his/her photo or text. The receiver gets the notification for each individual like.

Send a Series of Photos:

share series of photos

Returned from vacations and clicked tons of photos and want to share all of them in one go? Well then just go on as Yahoo Messenger lets you share a whole album or series of photos in a single go. You can add all photos together and those are uploaded one after other. The receiver will be able to see how many photos you have sent and view the completely uploaded photos.

So, what you think guys! Is it a little or too late for Yahoo Messenger? Where other messengers especially WhatsApp and Facebook have already established their market, it’s gonna be tough for Yahoo Messenger to get love from millions of users. But, one thing is for sure that features with which Yahoo Messenger has come are fabulous and can attract users.

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