How to Use YouTube as Alarm Clock?

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Here is a tutorial in which I will explain how to use YouTube as alarm clock. This tutorial consists of just a few easy to follow steps and you will be able to wake up to the music of your favorite tracks or any favorite YouTube video. You can use any YouTube video as you alarm tone and even choose the time interval on the video on which you want it to be played.

The best thing of this tutorial is that you don’t have to register anywhere, you don’t have to download anything, and you don’t have to install anything. You only need to use an online service called YouTubeAlarm and that’s it.

So let’s start with the tutorial.

Steps to Use YouTube as Alarm Clock:

Step 1: Open the YouTubeAlarm website on your browser.

Step 2: You will get the interface shown in the screenshot below. You can see that it has two boxes: Now and Set Alarm Time. The Now box is displaying the current time.

YouTubeAlarm Interface

Step 3: Enter the alarm time in the Set Alarm Time but do remember that entered time should be in 24-hour format.

Set Alarm Time

Step 4: Search for the YouTube video of your choice using the search box just below Set Alarm Time box. You can scroll through the search results via the slider.

Search YouTube Video

Step 5: Click on the video of your choice to select and play it. Now, you just need to pause the video on the time interval on which you want the website to play the alarm. You can also adjust the volume level.

Set Alarm Video Interval

Now, you don’t need to do anything. On the alarm time specified by you, website will play the video automatically and at the volume level set by you.

You can see how easy it is to use the YouTube as the alarm clock. Now, stop waking up to boring and annoying alarm tones. Just choose your favorite YouTube video and wake up to a new song, tune, music each and every day.

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