Get Classic Guitar Music on Dirks Guitar Page To Practice Guitar

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Dirks Guitar Page is a website that lets you access a huge collection of classical guitar music pieces from various music composers. If you were looking for a website that would let you listen to classical guitar music, then you’re at the right place.

What’s more with this website is that you can download and view those classical pieces in .tef format that can be viewed in any software that lets you view and edit Tablatures. What if you don’t have a software to do that? You could download the tabs and staff notations for classical pieces in PDF format that can be viewed in any PDF viewer.

Learn Classical Pieces On Guitar - Dirks Guitar Page

I often browse this page to download classical pieces, download them in PDF format and try to play them. I even learned two of the simple classical pieces (Etude and Ode to Joy) right from this website.

And don’t worry if you don’t have access to an actual guitar; you can always use a free guitar software for PC to play Summer of ’69 and impress the chicks.

Dirks Guitar Page tells you about the complexity level, so you can easily figure out what’s best for you. I am a beginner when it comes to playing classical guitar pieces and still have a long way to go to call myself a decent classical guitar player. However, if you have the classical pieces available to you and know where to start, half the journey is done; isn’t it?

You might have seen lots of videos on Youtube or might be getting guitar lessons online. You could always refer to the videos to get a basic understanding of the technique used; however, you would always require the tabs (or staff notations if you know how to read it).

Classical Pieces, but what kind?

Learn Classical Pieces On Guitar - Dirks Guitar Page - Classical Pieces

Dirks Guitar Page has a good collection of Latin/South American, Classical Music or even Modern Classical Pieces. You can even look for famous transcriptions for classical pieces for guitar, those were actually composed on other music instruments. Well, pick up the one of your choice.

You might be a professional and want to share your music on the website. Dirks Guitar Page has a section where you can submit your classical pieces composed by you. This would be helpful for people who are still learning (that includes me).

Because all of these classical pieces are available in .midi format, you can play with any decent media player. I would suggest you to get this free Midi To Sheet Music software to convert the midi files for the classical pieces and convert them into Sheet Music, lets change the root key for the piece and lot more.


Dirks Guitar Page is an amazing website with lots of classical pieces of guitar music that you can download, listen to, and play along. If you’re someone who has just started your journey, then this is the perfect place to start with.

As the classical pieces have the complexity level marked on them, you can pick the one that suits you (I choose the easy ones). You can search for the classical pieces by your favorite music composers or check out the latest additions too.

Dirks Guitar Page is one of the best websites out there on the internet that lets you have access to so many classical guitar music pieces. I am currently working on a simple modern classical piece called Dreamcatcher by Mike Christiansen. Tell me what you learned lately.

Visit Dirks Guitar Page and learn Classical Pieces for free.

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