5 Free Online MP3 Cutter Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online MP3 cutter websites. These websites let you cut any part of any MP3 song or audio with ease and comfort. There are no hassles like installing some software, extension, plug-in, or add-on to your machine or browser. You don’t even have to go through the annoying process of filling up a registration form, validating your email address, and then proceeding with the main task of cutting the MP3 file. You then have the option to download the trimmed part of the MP3.

So let’s check it out how each of these websites will help you in extracting your favorite part from the whole audio song or the mp3 song.

1. Cut MP3:

Cut MP3

Cut MP3 is a simple and easy to use online MP3 cutter website. On uploading the file, you will see the interface as shown in above screenshot. The slider above the waveform is for going to a particular time mark of the audio file. The options for marking the initial and end part of the audio file are below the waveform. The portion with Purple color represents the portion of the song which will be trimmed. It also shows the time mark of initial and end point as well as the total time duration of the selected part to be trimmed. When you are done, click on Cut button to download the trimmed part.

2. MP3Cutter.in:


MP3Cutter is the second online MP3 cutter website for you to try out. On uploading the file, the website starts playing the audio file instantly. There is also a volume controller for adjusting the volume. The best part of the website is that it is very easy to choose the portion of the song you want to trim. Simply click on the point which you want to set as the initial point and then drag the mouse till the point which you want to set as the end point. At the top, you can also check the time duration of trimmed part. You can click on play button to hear the trimmed part and if it’s good, then click the Cut button to get the trimmed part.

3. Foxcom MP3 Cut:


Foxcom MP3 Cut is the online MP3 cutter which is very neatly designed. You can see the options in the Orange color. The two scissors icons are the ones which you need to use for marking the start and end point of the part which you want to trim. You can also insert fade in/out effect at both the ends of the trimmed part. There is also an option called Inversion which allows audio fragmentation. Tweak the options as you would like to have the audio file trimmed and then click the Cut button to get it.

4. MP3Cutter.eu:


The fourth online MP3 cutter in the list MP3Cutter.eu. This website doesn’t offer a lot of features, but it does provide you the tools that you require for extracting your favorite portion from any audio file. There are options to add the file, mark the start/end point, and save it to your PC. Just click on the options to proceed and get the desired part of the audio file.

5. WinCreator:


WinCreator is the final online MP3 cutter in the list. Just like the fourth one, it is also easy to use. On the homepage, you will get the option to upload the song. After uploading it, you will see the two sliders labeled as 1> and <2. These are for marking the starting and ending point. When you have chosen the part to trim, click on I’m Done, Create to save the file.

These are the 5 free online MP3 cutter websites for you. Check them out and start trimming audio files from wherever you want.

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