Free AI Workflow Creator to Process Text, Images Against GPT-3, GPT-4

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Respell is a free AI workflow builder that allows you to process text and images against various AI models. You can build dynamic AI workflows that perform some action based on the given inputs. It even gives you a visual workflow builder that you can use to build an AI workflow. It even has some ready-made workflows for you that you can use.

Using Respell, you can build things like these with 1 more input:

Above examples are just to make you understand what it can do. You can build much more complex workflows. It gives you $10 credit every month that you can use. The best part is that on this website, you get to use GPT-4 for free. You can also combine the output of ChatGPT response with GPT-4 block to make it more precise and accurate.

Free AI Workflow Creator to Process Text, Images Against GPT-3, GPT-4:

You simply need to start by creating a free account on the main website of Respell. After that, on the main dashboard, it will show you ready-made recipes that it offers as templates. You can either start from them or create a new workflow from the scratch.

Respell Templates

So, if you decide to create one from scratch then you can simply do that. Go to the workflow builder and then build something there. At first it is blank, and all the blocks are available in the left side.

Logic and Model Blocks Respell

The block it has to offer include logic blocks, text combiner, input block, output block, etc. Also, there are blocks for AI models to choose from such as GPT-4 and Azure AI.

Now, you simply need to drag and drop the blocks on the UI and then create a flow. Connect the blocks with nodes and then configure the input, output, and logic. In the screenshot below, you can see the simple workflow that I build which generates 10 SEO keywords.

Workflow Builder Completed

Once you have the complete blocks, you can then test it. So, publish your workflow and then access it. It will take you to the web app and then you can type an input to test the workflow. Give it a topic and analyze the resp0nse.

Respell Running a Workflow

You can now run the workflow using the public link or invoke it via API. The API documentation is there, and you can go through that. You can also use the Zapier integration that it comes with already. For each run, it will tell you the cost and you can also track the free quota left for you from the dashboard.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for an AI workflow builder that you can run through an interface and API calls the Respell is the perfect tool for that. The free tier is decent and the fact that it lets you use GPT-4 is just so amazing. I tried to create my own flow and use the templates available there; they are all amazing.

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