Find TV Shows Based on Year, Genre, Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free online website to find TV shows based on year, Rotten Tomatoes rating, genre, network, and audience score. This is a simple web app where you enter the aforementioned parameters as input, and it will return a list of TV shows as output. After it generates a list of TV shows, you can go through the one which matches the input parameters the most and then start watching it on the streaming platforms such as Netflix or wherever it is available. is an amazing tool you can use. To find what TV shows to watch next. You will not have to rely on recommendations or overly hypes created on social media in order to watch a TV show. Just input your interest here on this website and it will tell you which TV shows you can watch next.

If you are a TV show enthusiast then you will like this simple website I have mentioned here. There is no sign up or registration is required in order to use this tool to find some fantastic TV series to watch in your free time. The list of TV shows that it generate can also be sorted based on the input parameters that you entered in the first place.

Find TV Shows Based on Year, Genre, Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Just go ahead and access this TV shows finder from here. Now, quickly enter the input parameters from the top side. You don’t have to adjust the different slider corresponding to the different input parameter such as year, rating, and audience score.

Input Sliders

Now, you have to specify the generator of the shows you are interested in. Along with this, you can also specify the TV show network to list shows specifically from there.

tomatotree tv genre and network

As soon as you are finished specifying the inputs, it will generate the list of TV shows for you. This is as simple as that. The only downside is, you will not be able to export this list. You can sort it based on any column and decide which show you want to see first.

tomatotree tv in action

In this way, you can use this simple TV show finder tool to decide which series to watch next based on some really nice parameters. You can use this tool any number of times and even share it with your friends and family, so they can also use this awesome tool to find TV shows they might want to watch.

Final words:

If you are looking for a simple tool to find what TV shows to watch next, then you are at the right place. Just use the simple web app I have mentioned here and find great TV shows from any year of any genre. I liked the simplicity of the tool, and you will too once you use it.

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