Find Percentage Similarity of Text Between 2 Documents

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text-sim is a free service to find percentage similarity of text in two documents. It takes the help of popular Cosine Similarity measure to find the similarity and shows the result. Do not get confused between this service and other plagiarism checker software and text comparison websites. While other tools search for same words and lines to check if text is copied or not, this service works in a different manner. It shows percentage of similarity between two documents using Cosine Similarity. This measure transforms words into vectors and then find the cosine of the angle between them. The positive result is considered as similarity and in this way, both the documents are compared.

Using this service is also very easy as you don’t have to mess with settings and other options. The result only shows the percentage similarity. There is no other option.

find percentage similarity between two documents using cosine similarity measure

Above you can see the percentage similarity result on its interface.

Using this Free Service To Find Percentage Similarity Between Two Documents:

This service is so simple and there is nothing much to do. Open its homepage and you will see its plain interface which is divided into two sections. Now you need to copy the text of a document and paste on the left or right section. There is no option to upload a TXT or Word file, which I think should be added here. So, the only way is copy and paste the text.

add text and press compare button

Now paste the text content of the second document. When you have done that, press Compare button. That’s it! The service automatically compares text content using Cosine Similarity measure and shows the percentage similarity.

The Verdict:

This is a very simple service but the purpose for which it is built is very useful. You can easily check percentage similarity between the text of two different documents or copies of one document. Even if text is rephrased, it can easily detect the similarity.

Try this service.

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