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Joy is a free web application to create wedding website with free hosting. This application allows you to easily create a stunning website for weddings by adding pages with wedding details, RSVP questions, photos, guestlist, love story, and more. To make your free wedding website look astonishing, you can customize it by choosing different color layouts or selecting predefined website styles. It offers 40 beautiful predefined styles which you can apply to the websites with just a click. Not only that, it even allows you to give a retouch to the text displayed on the website by selecting a great-looking text font among 48 supported fonts. You can also preview the changes which you make to the website in real-time.

No matter whether you’re an experienced website developer or a Rookie, “Joy” can help you create wedding websites seamlessly and in no time. Similar to other online wedding websites maker, this one also comes with an intuitive interface which makes it less complex for creating websites. Another useful feature of Joy is that it provides free hosting for the all the wedding websites that you create using this application.

create wedding websites

Sometimes, you might find it difficult to send your wedding invitation cards to your loved ones or friends if they are residing far away or in any other country. In such cases, creating a wedding website using “Joy” with all the wedding information like wedding time, wedding venue, etc. would probably be the best option for you to let them know about the wedding.

Note: As per the developers of Joy, when you’re done with creating a website you can also download it as a mobile app (for iPhone and Android). But, I couldn’t find the appropriate way to download the wedding app, as the generated link simply redirects you to download the Joy app instead of your wedding app.

How to Create a Wedding Website using Joy:

Step 1: Visit the homepage of Joy and sign up for a new account. After that, it will ask you to enter your name, the name of the other person with whom you’re getting married, choose a color layout, enter guest greeting text, the wedding venue, wedding date, choose a custom website URL with prefix ““, and then hit the “Make” button to proceed.

Step 2: As soon as you do that, you’ll be able to access the “Dashboard” for customizing the website and make it look stunning. On the Dashboard, you’ll see various customization options like design, security settings, wedding details, invites, etc.


Now, let me explain all the customization options briefly for you.

Wedding Details: This option lets you add all the important information of the wedding to the website. The details which you can add are Who’s Getting Married, To Whom, Wedding Date, Guest Greeting, Venue, Custom Website URL, and your Instagram Wedding Hashtag.

Design: When you choose the “Design” option, you’ll be able to choose a color layout, change text font, and use predefined styles for the website. It offers 7 color layouts, 48 stunning text fonts, and 40 beautiful website styles.


Security Settings: Using this option you can control who can see your wedding website and details. It lets you make various elements like wedding location, wedding date, engagement photos, story, wedding party, etc. accessible to everyone or only to guests.

Photos: This is one of my favorite options which allows you to add all the captured photos of pre-wedding ceremonies to let others see how grand is the wedding going to be. You can upload as many photos as you want from your PC, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Instagram, etc.

add photos

You can also give a custom title to the album and choose a cover photo for the album to make the photos appear beautifully on a web page of the website.

Invites: This option can help you invite guests to your wedding by sending invitation emails. You can also customize the email as you want before sending it. Another useful feature is that you can import guests list from a CSV file or add guests manually.

RSVP Questions: This one helps you choose the questions you ask your guests like “Will you be attending our wedding”, “Do you have any dietary restrictions”, “Can you share your physical address for sending invitation”, etc. Remember, all these questions are predefined and cannot be edited manually. However, if you want to add new questions, then it offers an option to do the same. These questions will be displayed on the website such that your guests can respond to them.

Guest List: You can click on this option to view your guests and their information. It also lets you download the guest list as a CSV file.

Love Story: This is another interesting customization option which lets you share your love story by writing a “Couple Story” or using Tidbits. Tidbits are actually a fun way to let your guests know more about you and your partner with simple questions and answers.

love story

Schedule: You can create a schedule of wedding events using this “Schedule” option. It lets you add multiple events with different date and time and also edit each event individually. While editing an event, you can change the event name, add a description, dress code, start date/time, end date/time, timezone, and location.

Wedding Party: Here you can manage your wedding party by adding important persons like guests of honor, loved ones, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. To add a person, you need to simply upload a photo, enter name, give any title, and type the info.

wedding party

Travel & Lodging: This option allows you to add details on where to stay and how to travel. You will be able to add details for Hotel, House/Rental, Flight, Rental Car, Shuttle Schedule, Travel List, and Travel Note.

travel and lodging

FAQ: This one is an important option as it lets you create some FAQ questions which your guests might ask you before attending the wedding. So, instead of letting your guests contact you for each question, you can simply figure out the important questions and add them to FAQ.

Registry: Using this option, you can easily manage your wedding registries and let other know about your wish-list for presents in case they want to give one.

All the changes which you make to the website using these customization options can also be seen in real-time on the right of the screen.


Step 4: Once you’re done with customizing the wedding website, you can share the unique code and URL with your guests. They can use the code to view the private details of the wedding. The wedding website will look like a native website with all the customizations you’ve done manually.

website preview

Your guests can simply browse the pages and see all the details, schedule, photos, etc. which you’ve added to the website.

My Final Verdict:

Joy is an amazing web application which can be easily used to create stunning wedding websites. Personally, I like this application as it doesn’t require you to be an experienced website developer to create your own wedding website. It also minimizes the burden of inviting every guest individually or let them know about the wedding schedule, venue, etc.

Try “Joy” from here.

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