How to Disable Precise Location Access for Any App in iOS 14?

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This article explains how to disable precise location access fro any app in iOS 14. When it comes to privacy, Apple offers better features to protect user privacy as compared to Android. And Apple is focussing on that in iOS 14 as well. iOS 14 comes with several new user privacy features such as present app access from the local network, stop ad tracking on websites and apps, disable precise location access, and more.

Phones come with GPS technology that allows you to track your exact location in apps like Maps. Every app or website that has permission to access your location can know your exact location. While this can be handy in many cases but it can also feel like an invasion of privacy. In such a case, you can disable the precise location access for particular apps. When you do that, the app can still know your approximate location and reduce the location accuracy between 1 and 20 kilometers.

approximate location in iOS 14

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Disable Precise Location Access in iOS 14

Unlike location, there is no universal toggle for the precise location. Instead, you get have to manage this on per-app basis. You can disable the precise location for any app by following these steps:

Disable Precise Location Access for Any App on iphone

Go that the Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down in the Settings app and choose the app for which you want to disable the precise location. Let’s say you want to disable the precise location in the Maps app. In that case, tap on the Maps app from the Settings.

Precise Location Access for Any App in iOS 14

This brings the settings for the Maps app. Now tap on the Location option from the top. This opens the location access permission for the app. At the top, you can change the location access as per your liking. Below that, you get an option for Precise Location. Simply toggle this option to disable the precise location for the app, which would be Maps in this case.

Closing Words

This is how you can disable precise location access for any app on iOS 14. This is a really useful feature in terms of user privacy. Lots of apps require location permission to work properly. Instead of letting them access your exact whereabouts, you can just share an approximate location to get things done.

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