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[Total: 2 Average: 1] website is offering a free tool to convert TypeScript code to JavaScript, and I will talk about this tool in this blog post. It takes a TypeScript code from you and returns plain simple JavaScript code. The result of code conversion are pretty accurate, and you can use it for your daily work.

This tool analyzes the given TS code and then analyzes the types used. It replaces those types with generic variable types for JS and performs some other operations accordingly. It is AI based, so it takes care of the code optimization as well.

Why you Should Convert TypeScript to JavaScript?

There’s been a proposal added to JavaScript to start supporting types. And once that happens, this will make TypeScript obsolete. Because the lack of types in JS gave rise to TS. Besides, this, there are some other reasons why you would want to convert a TypeScript code to JavaScript equivalent.

  • Moving Away from TS.
  • Deployment: TypeScript code needs to be compiled to JavaScript before it can be run in a browser or other environment. This can add an extra step to the deployment process.
  • Browser compatibility: Not all browsers support all the features of TypeScript. This means that you may need to compile your TypeScript code to an older version of JavaScript if you need to support older browsers.
  • Performance: TypeScript code can be slightly larger than JavaScript code, which can affect performance.

These are just the top reasons right from the top of my head. But there can be some other reasons as well. No matter whatever reasons, you have, you will be able to convert TypeScript to JavaScript in just a few seconds.

How to Convert TypeScript to JavaScript with this Free AI Based Tool?

Good thing is that you don’t need to sign up or register in order to use this tool. You can access it from this link and then start using it right away. The main UI is very simple and looks like this. Main UI

Now, you just need to paste a TS code snippet that you want to convert to JS. It can be a simple code snippet or a complex one. I am sure the tool will be able to handle it. Input Code

After submitting the input code snippet, you just submit and then conversion process will start. It will process the input code and then in the end, it will reveal the final output. You can see that in the screenshot below.

Docuwriter Output

This is how you can use this tool to convert any TypeScript code to JavaScript. The AI tool above can do that for you in just a click. Since there is no account creation required, you can simply bookmark it for easy access and use it anytime you want.

Closing thoughts:

As a web developer if you every need a tool to convert a TypeScript code to JavaScript then you are at the right place. Just use Docuwriter as I have mentioned here and it will not disappoint you. The final code requires no to minimum editing. So, go ahead and then gave it a try and let me know what you think about it.

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