iPhone App To Convert Web Pages into a Podcast: Narro

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Narro is an amazing iPhone app to convert web pages into a podcast. It is probably one of the best ways to listen to the articles, blogs, web pages, etc. You can easily turn all your bookmarks into a clear voice audio podcast. When browsing the web, you can add text or web pages to Narro such that it can automatically convert or transcribe them. Similar to other apps that let you listen to podcast such as PodBay, TuneIn Radio, etc., “Narro” also does the same but with web pages and any text.

After adding a web page, it will auto detect text language and dictate it in the proper accent. It supports more than 10 different languages and over 15 clear voices. It also filters out formatting, ads, etc. and only uses the text while converting to audio. The app creates a custom podcast allowing you to listen on any iOS device and even in the offline mode. You can also subscribe to your podcast as well as copy any text to the clipboard and send it to Narro for conversion.

main screenshot

Note: The created podcasts can be played using your default podcast player or any other podcast apps for iPhone.

How to Convert Web Pages into a Podcast:

Step 1: After installing the app, simply feed your email address and a password to register. As soon as you log in, you will be able to subscribe to your podcast and send copied text to Narro for converting them into a podcast.


Step 2: At first, enable the “Narro” extension from the share menu of the browser. Select “More” button and slide the “Narro” button to enable.

Step 3: In order to convert a web page into a podcast or audio, simply click the share button while browsing and select the option “Add to Narro”. As we have already discussed that the language of the page will be detected automatically.

share button

Step 4: After you’re done with adding a web page, simply open up the podcast player and all the converted web pages (podcasts) will be available on your subscribed podcast list as shown in the first screenshot.

Step 5: Tap on any of your converted podcast to listen using the default podcast player or any other podcast apps for iPhone. It filters out any other elements like ads and formatting except the text available on the added web page.

podcast player

My Final Verdict:

Narro is an amazing app for iPhone that lets you easily convert web pages or text into a podcast. You can listen to your favorite articles, blogs, or web content by turning them into audio using “Narro”. Personally, I like this app as it filters out ads and formatting during conversion.

Get “Narro” from the link here.

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