5 Free iPhone Apps To Monitor iPhone System Information

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Here is a list of 5 free iPhone apps to monitor iPhone system information like battery usage, network info, CPU info, apps running, iPhone configuration etc.

These apps displays all the information to you in real-time which means you can monitor your iPhone’s performance more precisely and effectively. These information can help you in increasing your iPhone’s battery life and performance level. For example, lets suppose your iPhone’s battery is draining more quickly than the normal rate. In that case, you can use these apps to check that which apps and processes are consuming the bigger portion of your iPhone’s battery. Thus, you can kill those apps and processes to enjoy a longer battery backup.

1. SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard FREE:


The first iPhone app to check iPhone system information is SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard FREE. This app displays the following 6 types of information to you: Battery, Memory, CPU & Processes, Disk, Network, and General. All these information are displayed to you well organized way in the form of tiles. You can tap on each tile to get detailed information about any of the type. The Memory category displays the space covered by Active, Wired, and Inactive apps along with Free memory space. You can also check the speed of your internet connection by tapping on Network tile. Besides this, you can get the info about your iPhone like owner name, device name, model, device OS, boot time, hardware info, CPU info, etc. from the General tile.

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Get SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard FREE here.

2. System Status Monitor:

System Status Monitor

The next app for you to monitor your iPhone’s system information is System Status Monitor. This app is quite similar to the above mentioned app in terms of displaying the information regarding your iPhone except for the user interface. The app has a colorful interface with animations to indicate the memory consumption, and CPU processes. Besides, this the app provides you the tips for saving your battery life and managing the CPU processes. You can tap on the Battery and CPU section for getting the tips.

Get System Status Monitor here.

3. System Info Pro:

System Info Pro

Don’t get confused after reading the app’s name as its name is System Info Pro but in reality, its absolutely free to use. This app provides you with 4 types of information: Disk, CPU Load, Battery, and Device. You can go to each information by swiping the screen. This app also shows the info about Disk and CPU Load using the animations but when it comes to Device information, the app shows only basic info. Under the Device section, you can only get device name, device model, system name, system version, UDID, IP Address, and MAC Address.

Get System Info Pro here.

4. Battery Memory System Status Monitor:

Battery Memory System Status Monitor

The second last app for you to monitor the iPhone’s system information is Battery Memory System Status Monitor (BMSSM). This app has 4 sections: Summary, Processes, System, and Network. The Summary section gives you an overview of your iPhone’s CPU usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, and Battery level from a single screen. If you want to have a detailed information, then you go to the rest of the three options any time by simply tapping.

Get Battery Memory System Status Monitor here.

5.  SYS Activity Manager:

SYS Activity Manager

SYS Activity Manager is the last app in this list of iPhone apps to monitor system information. This app displays 5 types of information: Memory, Process, Disk, Battery, and Network. One thing which is unique about this app is that you can check the number of running processes from the app’s home screen. You can see in the screenshot that the app is showing 38 processes are running on my iPhone. If you want to check the name of each of the app individually then you can do so by tapping on Process icon.

Get SYS Activity Manager here.

These were the 5 free iPhone apps to monitor iPhone system information. Use these apps to find out the real reason behind the quick battery draining of your iPhone, or to check that which app is more space consuming on iPhone. You can also share the name of the app which impressed you the most.

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