4 Free Diabetes Apps For iPhone

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Here’s a list of 4 free diabetes apps for iPhone.

Diabetes is one of the commonly found diseases in human beings. Any person with a high blood sugar is known as Diabetic. The disease is found in both male and female equally. There are various methods to keep a check on diabetes through which you can lead a normal lifestyle. There are also various apps available for iPhone which can help you in recovering from diabetes by keeping a record of your diet, glucose, and insulin intake. Lets have a look at the 4 free diabetes apps for iPhone reviewed by me:

1. Diabetes App Lite:

Diabetes Apps Lite

Diabetes App Lite is the first diabetes app for iPhone. It is one of the popular apps out there. The app lets you keep a record of all the things like Glucose, Medication, Activity, Carbohydrates, Water (no. of glasses), and Weight. Under each of the category, app has provided options for helping you fill all the details related to specific category. For example: In glucose category, you can enter the date, time glucose quantity, and  period like out of bed, before breakfast, after breakfast, etc. Besides this, you can add daily allowance, daily water budget, passcode to app, and choose weight/glucose units.

Get Diabetes App Lite here.

2. WaveSense Diabetes Manager:

WaveSense Diabetes Manager

WaveSense Diabetes Manager is the second diabetes app for iPhone. The app lets you manage your glucose records, weight, carbs intake, insulin doses etc. with ease. You can also add notes to anything that you want to add to app for future reference. When you have entered data, you can analyze it via Trend Chart, Log Book, and Statistics on the basis of different interval period of time like 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 15 days, 30 days, etc. The app also lets you maintain Meal Schedule, Glucose Targets, and Blood pressure. There is also an option for sharing the record with other via email.

Get WaveSense Diabetes Manager here.

3. Diabetes Companion by mySugr:

Diabetes Companion by mySugr

The third diabetes app in the list is Diabetes Companion by mySugr. This app is awesome in both interface as well as performance. The app displays all the information entered by you in a very colorful and eye-pleasing manner. The app’s interface is so cool that you will not feel like you are using a health app. When you have entered the details, then you can track your progress and diabetes level via Logbook, Analysis, and Reports. The game also has a fun part in which you have to complete certain challenges which will ultimately help you in fighting with diabetes.

Get Diabetes Companion by mySugr here.

4. mySugr Junior:

mySugr Junior

mySugr Junior is a free diabetes app which is developed with focus mainly on little kids with diabetes. The app lets kids fill all their details in an entertaining and fun to learn way. They can enter their glucose level, insulin intake, estimate carbohydrates. The app rewards the kids with virtual stars for each of entry made. They are also awarded with points at the end of completion of report. Besides this, the app also lets you set the target range for glucose intake, and monitor the blood pressure. The kids can even upload the photos of things which they have ate.

Get mySugr Junior here.

This completes my list of 4free diabetes apps for iPhone. Get these apps and keep a check on your diabetes level from anywhere at anytime. Also, don’t forget to mention the name of the app which impressed you the most.

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