4 Online Employee Engagement Software Free

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This article covers 4 free online employee engagement software. Despite the sector and the size of the company, employee engagement is important. It mutually benefits both, the employees and the employers. Employees can share their work and feedback, and employers can get insights into their employees.

No doubt social media is one the best platform for engagement. Most of the software listed here combine social media with office management, collaboration, and productivity tools. This delivers a platform where employees can work together, collaborate and engage. These software provide social media site like feeds where employees can post updates and others can engage via comments and upvotes. So, let’s check out these web-based software in details.

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4 Online Employee Engagement Software Free:



Alpas is a multiple purpose productivity tool that can serve as a team engagement software. Think of it as a social media site for the workplace. An administrator can create an account here and invite the employees to join the service. Once joined, the employees can post their tasks and other updates and others can engage in those updates similarly like social media sites. employees can upvote updates, comment on them and can also split tasks right from the task update from in the feeds.

Along with that, Alpas packs management and productivity features that make it one of the best platform for employee engagement. It has project management where you can add your team projects and collaborate on them. It also has task management and contact storage where you can add your employees and clients and then easily link them in tasks and projects. The free-tier has a limitation of up to 5 team members which makes it convenient only for small teams. You can give it a try and check out all the features.

Features of Alpas

  • Facebook like Feeds for updates and tasks
  • Employee Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Team Management
  • Contact Management
  • Multiple Workspaces

Try this employee engagement software here.


Bitrix24 is an advanced online team management and maintenance platform. This tool packs lots of productivity, management, collaboration, and feedback features which makes it one of the most feature-packed tools on this list. It has team management, project management, activity streams, workgroups, calendar, file sharing, video, and many more features.

In terms of employee engagement, this tool also has a social media site like feeds where it lists all the tasks and updates from the whole team. Employees can post messages, tasks, polls, files, etc. in the feeds and share them with the team. Other people then can react to that and provides their thoughts in comments. Bitrix24 also has one-to-one and one-to-many chat and video call that lets employees communicate with each other easily. If you go with the free-tier, Bitrix24 allows you to add up to 12 employees and provides you 5 GB of storage space for file sharing.

Features of Bitrix24

  • Employee Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Workgroups
  • Activity Stream
  • Task Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • Built-in CRM
  • File Sharing
  • Video Conference and more

Give this employee engagement software a try here.


Yammer is another online service that provides a free platform for employee engagement. This service has a similar interface to Bitrix24. It has feeds where it lists all the updates regarding tasks, projects, or anything to keep everyone in the loop. Employees can engage in a post and share their thoughts for collaboration. It also has groups which you can use to create separate workspaces for different teams or projects. In terms of mutual communication, employees can send DMs and group messages to each other.

The feed section on the homepage provides various methods to share updates with the whole team. Anyone can post an update in the feed and put a poll for a suggestion. Feeds can also be used to praise someone and make announcements. The best thing about Yammer is that it’s free and lets you add any numbers of employees.

Features of Yammer

  • Employee Engagement through Social Media like Feeds
  • Add unlimited employees
  • Groups with chat support
  • Private Message
  • File Sharing
  • Contact Directory
  • Integration with third-party apps

You can try this employee engagement software here.



OfferVibe is another freemium tool for employees engagement and feedback. Unlike other tools on this list, OfficeVibe takes a more traditional approach for team engagement and management. With this tool, you can create surveys which gather the insights from the employees on a weekly basis. As compared to other tools, it’s more like an indirect and a bit formal methods for engagement and feedback.

The results from the surveys are combined together in a report which you can analyze to get detailed insights. The free-tier lets you add an unlimited number of employees with weekly reports, custom queries, and more.

Features of OfficeVibe

  • Employee Engagement
  • Weekly Automated Surveys (collect insight)
  • Feedback and Conversation Support for Communication
  • Custom Polls
  • Team Mangement & Collaboration
  • Resources Management

Give it a try here.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 online employee engagement software which provide a free platform for employee engagement, feedback, and insights. Alpas is my personal favorite as it combines management features into a modern interface where teams can post updates and engage together. Give them all a try and let us know which one you like and why.

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