5 Interview Puzzle Websites

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Interview Puzzles are questions asked by interviewers during selection procedure for a job. These puzzles can be in the form of riddles, logical questions, lateral thinking questions, etc. Some puzzles are pretty common and you will see them appearing in all the websites that we have discussed here. These form of questions or puzzles have become pretty common when you appear for a job interview.

Most of the times the interviewer is trying to check your IQ and problem solving skills. The selection panel basically wants to see how out of the box solution you can think of for a given problem statement. So there very well could be more than one way to solve a puzzle. In this article we are compiling websites which let you prepare yourself for a interview by going through and solving interview puzzles.

Let’s start with the interview puzzle websites that we found for you.


interview puzzles puzzlersworld1

The website has lots of other puzzles apart from interview puzzles. The section dedicated to interview puzzles has few but good puzzles. Some of them are pretty common and you will find them in other websites too. The website asks you to try and solve the puzzle yourself first. Then you can check your answer with the answer given on the website. The above screenshot shows a puzzle which has to be solved. You can enter you answer and check if you were right before seeing the correct answer. I liked the puzzle titles Paradox Dragons, obviously because it was the easiest one out of all the ones on the website.


interview puzzles techinterviewpuzzles

This website has some nice interview puzzles listed for you to solve. They have featured some puzzles that were asked in interviews at Google, Microsoft, etc. Again here also you will find some common puzzles which you saw in the previous website. The latest puzzles additions will be shown on the home page of this website in a tile layout format. You can go through them one by one and start solving them. The answers are also given along with the puzzles, so you can cross check your answers with the one on the website.

Programmer Interview

interview puzzles programmer interview

The entire website is dedicated to covering interview questions. This website has a lot of interview questions on a lot of different technologies like Java, C/C++, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Databases/SQL, Data Structures, Networking, etc. Apart from these this website also has a section for interview puzzles. You can see all of them listed in the left hand side column. When you click on a puzzle, you will see the puzzle question listed in bold text and below that would be the answer. As I mentioned in the introduction that these puzzles are based more on out of the box ideas, so they can have more than one solution. So some puzzles might have more than one answers to it. Check them out.

Common Interview

interview puzzles common interview

This is another website with lots of interview questions. The section of interview puzzles will have questions listed out like shown in the screenshot above. You can click on any question to read it and try solving it. In case you do reach a solution, you can share it on the website via the comments section. The only setback to this website is it relies on answers from the users for the puzzle questions. So there are a lot of questions which do not have any answers to them. So you can not cross check your answers or see the answer if you are not able to reach a logical conclusion.


interview puzzles puzzlefry

This website features top 50 most common interview puzzles with answers. The puzzles are divided into two parts with each part containing 25 questions each. Most of these questions are said to have been asked in job interviews for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Paytm, etc. As you scroll down the page, you will see all the questions listed one after the other. For knowing the answer to a question, just click on the question and it will open up in another tab with the answer displayed below the question. If you have a alternative or better way to solve the puzzle then you can also submit your answer to this website. Apart from interview puzzles the website also contains other types of fun puzzles.

You can also check out websites which give you job interview tips.

As I said, most of the puzzles might have more than one solution depending upon how you solve it. And that is exactly what the interviewer is looking for, how logically you can solve a puzzle. So go through these websites which would prepare you to answer these puzzles better.

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