5 Free Windows 10 Random Decision Maker Apps

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This article covers 5 free Windows 10 random decision maker apps. By random decision maker we mean making a decision using a coin flip, dice roll, etc. When you are in a situation where you are not being able to decide what to choose out of the two things you have on your hands then, these decision makers can come in pretty handy. You can also use these while playing a game with friends, or for fun. These apps offer you simple coin flips, or dice rolls, or can even pick out a choice for you from the given ones.

All the apps covered here are free to use and can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store. Let’s look at these 5 free Windows 10 random decision maker apps below.

Decision Maker Universal

Decision Maker Universal is a free random decision maker app for Windows 10. You can see the interface of this decision maker in the screenshot above. You get options on the screen which you can add more of. To start with there are 6 option labels, but you can add more from the add icon at the bottom tool bar. Now when its time to make a decision you can just click the decide button given in the bottom toolbar. Once you press this button the randomizer will run through all the options and will pick one for you by highlighting it. Now your dilemma has been answered and you can go with the choice that has been made for you.

Random Tool

Random Tool is also a free random decision maker app. In this app you will get lots of options to make a decision for you. As you can see in the screenshot above, the left side menu shows all the options that you can use to generate a decision for you. You can use dice rolls, coin flip, random number, winner selection, list randomizer, etc. The app even calls the decision made for you out loud. Which is available only as a trial and you have to buy the paid version of the app to unlock the speech feature. In the coin flip option just click the flip button given on screen and you will be shown the result as heads or tails. In dice rolls option you can choose the number of dice you want to roll together using the given slider and then roll. Random number will generate a random number for you between a given range. List randomizer will arrange a list of names or numbers in random order, winner selection is like lucky draw, you put in all the names and the app will randomly pick one as the winner. Decision the last option in the list will help you with your yes or no dilemma. Just click the button to answer your question in yes or no.


RandomizeIT is a free random decision making tool. In this app you get four different decision makers which are coin flip, random picker, list randomizer, and random number. This can also be seen in the screenshot above. In coin flip option you get a button towards the right side of the app window as you can see above. Just click this button which says flip coin and the result will be displayed above the button. In random picker, the option picks up one name from a list of names. In list randomizer, you can input a number of names and this option will randomize them in no particular order. In random number, the option picks up one random number out of a range of number defined by you. So decision making can be made easier for you.


Randomizer is a free Windows 10 random decision maker. The interface of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. On the left side of the app you can see all the tools available to you for making a decision. You can choose random number option to pick a random number from a defined range of numbers. Random Alphabet will pick out a random letter from the alphabets. Yes or no will give you the answer in yes or no. Coin flip will let you flip a coin by clicking a button and show you the result. Dice roll will help you make a decision by rolling dice. Random winner option will pick out a random winner name from a list of given names. Random list will randomize a list of names in particular order.


Decisive is a free Windows 10 random decision maker app. This app offers you two tools only to make a decision. As you can see in the screenshot above, you get the coin flip and the random answer globe. Coin flip we know that when you click the flip button it will show you a heads or tails result. In the other globe what you have to do is think of your question and then click the white globe. Now this globe will show you an answer to your question. It will just choose a random answer from the ones in the app.


These are the 5 free Windows 10 random decision maker apps. All the apps work pretty well and make the process of decision making easy for you. The apps can be used for fun as well. All the apps work pretty great but the one I liked the most is Randomizer, as it has lots of tools to make a decision. So check these apps out and see which ones you like.

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