Best Free Video Diary Apps for Android to Record Daily Activities

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This is the list of some best free video diary apps for Android to record your daily activities. These apps let you record how was your day by recording that in a video. These apps record the video, save it locally and privately on your phone. But don’t worry, the videos you record will not show in the gallery. Also, some of these apps save and sync your videos to your Google Drive. Apart from recording videos, you can add notes and heading to the diary entries. These apps are intelligent ones as they save your videos journals in a date wise manner.

A lot of creative people have a habit of writing diary. Most people still use the paper diary to write down the stuff that happens to them every day. But if you want, you can take a step forward by recording your diary entries, instead of writing. These apps handle your video diary entries in an efficient manner. Also, you don’t have to worry about if someone has your phone as these apps let you password protect your diaries. So that your entries will remain private always.

Best Free Video Diary Apps for Android to Record Daily Activities

Best Free Video Diary Apps for Android:

Journey – Diary, Journal

Journey - Diary, Journal video diary app

Journey – Diary, Journal is one of the best video diary apps for Android. You can use it to add your daily diary entries in it by recording your videos. The app is basically like any other diary app, and with the video entry, you can also type the text if you want. This is a feature rich app which lets you create video journal, add weather information, your location, your mood, add tags, add activity and much more. It hides your video diary entries from gallery and can even sync them with your Google Drive. You can opt to lock the diary with a password if you want, but that’s okay if you want to keep it unprotected. However, some of the other features of this app are paid. You will have to upgrade to its premium version for its full set of features.

When you launch the app, first it will ask you to sign in your Google account to access Google Drive. After that, it will take you to its main interface. You can create a new entry and start describing how was your day. You can click the camera icon and start recording. In addition to that, if you want, you can add photos too along with the video entry. You can add your location, activity you are currently doing, and add tags. This is a good feature when you are traveling, and you can record and write everything about your trip. This app constantly keeps syncing your videos to Google Drive and you can watch them anytime you want.


videodiary app simple

VideoDiary is another video diary app for Android which is a simple one. It lets you record and create video diary entries. It is a fairly simple app which organizes all the diary entries according to the dates. While creating a video diary entry, you can add a title to it and specify a tag on it. You can use this app in a simple way and the video diary entry you record doesn’t show in the gallery. Additionally, you can password protect your journal and this app also allows you to back up your diary and restore it in an easy way. It creates the backup of your video entries locally in a ZIP file.

First time you open the app, it will ask you to specify a password and that will be required every time you open this app. So, tap the “+” button from the bottom right side, give a title to the diary entry and start recording. Once you are finished, you can stop the recording and it will be saved. You can mark your diary entry as favorite if you want and it will show that in the favorites section of the app. This app lets you backup all the video diary entries you have recorded so far. So it’s a good idea to back up your diary frequently.


Vidiary video diary app android

Vidiary is a fairly simple video diary app for Android that you can use. The app is just focused on recording your video diary entries and doesn’t have any other features in it except password protecting your journal. It allows you to add a title and description to the video diary and organize your video diary entries in date wise manner. Also, gives you two choices that you can either record a video for your entry or you can import a video file from gallery and attach it to your diary entry. However, the diary entries that you record in it are visible in gallery. So, if you are okay with this fact, then you are good to go. If not, then you may consider hiding videos files from your phone.

The first step to use this app is to set a password to your diary. After that, you can start using this app in its full glory. You can add a diary entry, give it a name, type a description for it and then tap on the camera icon that it shows. After that, it will ask you whether you want to add a video from gallery or you want to record a one from the start. After you have recorded video, save it and it will show that in the app as a diary entry. You can open it anytime you want and revive your memories once again. However, I wish that the developer will add the functionality of hiding videos from gallery in future.

Closing Words

These are some very good video diary apps for Android. You can use any app from the above list and start keeping your memories in a whole different way. These apps come with a nice set of features which will make it interesting to create video diary entries everyday. Out of all these, I really like Journey – Diary, Journal and Vidiary to be the best video diary apps for Android. So, if you have a habit of diary writing, then I will suggest you use this whole new way of doing the same.

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