3 Free Online File Corrupter Websites To Corrupt A File

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Here are some free online file corrupter websites. These websites will let you corrupt a file online without any complications. The only effort you need to put is to load the file you want to corrupt on any of these websites. You can either corrupt a local file which is on your PC, or import one from Dropbox or Google Drive. With a single click, your file will be corrupted and will be ready for download. Some of the file corrupter websites provide auto file corruption, while one of these tools let you set the amount of corruption. Also, there’s no limit to file size of the file you want to corrupt.

There’s not much to talk about these tools, so let us have a brief look at them real quick.

Did you know, you can Add Glitch Effect to Images without corrupting them?

Free Online File Corrupter Websites

Corrupt a file

Corrupt a file is the most commonly known and used online file corrupter out there. Here, you get the option to upload a file to corrupt from your computer. You can also load a file to corrupt that is stored on your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Upload any file format to corrupt, be it an image, document, or archive file. Click on Corrupt File option after loading a file.

The corrupted file will be ready to download to your PC. If you want the corrupted file on your phone, a QR code for it is displayed, which you can scan to download the file. You may also save the corrupted file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Pine Tools: Corrupt A File Online

One of the Tools provided by Pine Tools lets you Corrupt A File Online. The specialty of this tool is that you can set the amount of corruption in percentage. I would have put it at the top of this list because of this option. But, you can only upload a file to corrupt from your PC, so Corrupt a file takes the prize.

Begin with uploading the file to corrupt from your PC. You can upload any file format of any size. Now using the slider, set the percentage of corruption. Another option lets you preserve the beginning and the end of the file. Click on Corrupt File option when ready. Your file will be corrupted and downloaded to your computer.

Corrupt My File

Corrupt My File is another simple file corrupter website. It also has no file size and file format limitation. You can drag and drop your file here to upload it. When done, your file will be corrupted and download link for the same will be displayed on the interface. Click on the link to download the corrupted file to PC.

It is the simplest and fastest file corrupter in this list without any option. All you are supposed to do is drag and drop your file, and corrupted file will be ready.

Closing Words

There are many software out there to repair corrupted files, but very few to corrupt normal files. The file corrupting tools mentioned here are the best bets you will find to quickly corrupt a file online. It is suggested that you only try to corrupt small or medium sized files, unless the upload speed of your internet connection is very high.

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