5 Free Cello Tuner Apps for Android

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In this post, you will learn 5 free Cello tuner apps for Android. These apps can help you tune your Cello quite easily by analyzing the current strings tunings in real-time. For that, you would simply need to open these apps and pluck the strings one by one. After that, you will be shown the notes of each string and tell you whether they are high, low, or perfectly tuned. By seeing this information, you can do the appropriate adjustments to your Cello strings.

These Cello tuner apps use the microphone on your phone to listen to the string which you pluck. Then they use the built-in algorithms to identify the notes.  Some apps also support a manual mode where you can listen to the ideal sound of strings and try to match them manually with your Cello. If you also play Guitar, then check out these 10 free Guitar tuner apps for Android.

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Let’s look at these Cello tuner apps for Android below.

Strings Tuner:

Strings Tuner is probably one of the best free Cello tuner apps for Android. It lets you easily tune your Cello strings by analyzing how the current strings setting sounds. It uses your phone microphone to listen to the strings and accordingly helps you tune them. It will show you the note accuracy for each string of the Cello such that you will know what you need to do to make the tuning perfect. You can tune your Cello for standard strings (C, G, D, A) with multiple octaves.

To use this app for tuning your Cello, simply open it up and then swipe left on the screen until you find the Cello instrument. After that, play any Cello string near the phone and then it will automatically detect the string and tell you whether the note is high or low. Based on this information, you can manually lose or tighten the tuning pegs on your Cello until you find the correct note. You can repeat this process for all the strings separately.


GuitarTuna is another free Cello tuner app which you can use to tune your Cello right from your Android phone. This one also analyzes the current sound of the strings and then helps you tune them properly. It shows a real-time graph of the notes and tells you whether the strings are perfectly tuned or too high/low. This app supports the standard Cello tuning which is CGDA. Apart from the automatic tuning mode, this one also offers a manual mode which you can use to listen to the ideal sound of a string and tune on your Cello accordingly.

To get started, simply open this app and select the instrument as Cello. After that, pluck your cello strings near the phone and then it will start detecting their current tunings. Then you can see the graph and adjust the strings until the app shows the correct notes for each string.

Free Universal Tuner:

Free Universal Tuner is also a free Android app which can help you tune your Cello with ease. This Cello tuner can also detect the current tune settings of the cello strings and tell you whether the notes are low or high. This way you can adjust the strings and set them to perfect tune. It comes with a unique feature which allows you to select the tuning pitch manually. You will also see the real-time frequency at which you are tuning the strings. You can also play the sound of every string on the app and try to manually tune your Cello using the reference sound.

After you open this app, you can choose Cello from the list of instruments at the top. Then you’re all set to tune your Cello just by playing the strings one by one near your phone. This app will detect the sound and show you the exact tuning of the strings. After that, you can make the appropriate adjustments to your Cello.

Pitched Tuner:

Pitched Tuner is another useful app for Android which can assist you to tune your Cello very easily. It allows you to find out how the strings sound currently just by playing them and then do the changes to tune them perfectly. You can tune the Cello for standard tuning set i.e. CGDA. It can help you tune both sharps and flats strings, see the tuning frequency, and more. This app also has a manual mode which lets you listen to the ideal sound of strings and try to match them with your Cello.

When you open the app, the first thing you would need to do is select Cello in the tuning list. After that, place your phone anywhere and start plucking a string near the phone. As you do that, it will detect the current tuning from which you can understand whether you need to make the note high or low for the string. Keep doing that until it says that your Cello strings are perfectly tuned.

Instrument Tuner Free:

Instrument Tuner Free is the last free Cello tuner app which you can use to tune your Cello using your Android phone. This app also uses your phone’s microphone to listen to your Cello strings and then analyze the current tuning. Then it will suggest you to either tighten or lose the strings to get perfect tuning. Similar to the above apps, the accuracy of sound detection is quite impressive. Apart from that, it can also show you the previous and next note, current tuning frequency, etc.

To start, simply open the app and then select the Cello instrument from the app “Options”. After that, you are all set to tune your Cello strings. For that, play the strings by placing your phone nearby and then it will analyze the sound. Then the meter will tell you whether the note of the strings are high or low and then do the adjustment on your Cello.

Closing Words:

This is the list of Cello tuner apps for Android which make it pretty convenient for you to tune your Cello. All that is required from you is to play the Cello strings to these apps and the apps will give you directions to get the tuning right. The accuracy of these apps is quite commendable and will definitely help you save some money from buying the real tuner.

Try these Cello tuner apps and let me know what you think in the comments.

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