3 Best Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows

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Here are some best free ballistic calculator software for Windows. These software allow you to calculate the trajectory parameters, especially for bullets. These software take the bullet’s mass, its speed, muzzle speed, range, altitude, uphill distance, etc., and give you the results. Some of these software are quite advanced and they can even plot the trajectory on a graph that you can export. In the following list, I have also added and Excel sheet and a command line tool to do the same. You just have to specify the input parameters and get the results on your fingertips.

Ballistics is actually a part of mechanics that deals with the effect of projectiles. And mostly it is used for bullets, rockets, missiles, etc. If you have an interest in shooting, then you can calculate the projectiles of various bullets using the tools that I have mentioned. You just have to input a few parameters and get the result of the trajectory.

Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows

3 Free Ballistic Calculator Software for Windows:

PointBlank Ballistics

PointBlank Ballistics

PointBlank Ballistics is one of the best free ballistic calculator software for Windows. You can easily use to calculate various aspects of the projectile of a bullet like range, angle drop, elevation, energy, velocity, total drop, and some other parameters. You just have to specify the input parameters and get the results. This is a very simple software that even draws the trajectory according to the input values. And the best part is that you can export that as PRN file or directly print it. However, this software is free to use but asks for donations to remove registration reminder. That is optional if you are okay with that.

Using this ballistic calculator is very simple. You can get it from the above link and then install it on your PC. After that you can open it and start using it. In the Ballistics, section, you can specify the input parameters. In the input values, specify the drawing color, velocity, bullet weight, altitude, zero distance, temperature, etc. And after specifying all these values, simply hit the “Compute Ballistics” button. After that, it will show you the calculated data in tabular form that you can analyze and print it if you want. Also, you can switch to the “Trajectory” section to see the projectile drawing that it draws. You can either directly print it or save as PRN file.


Ballistic is a simple command line Ballistics calculator software for Windows. It runs directly from command prompt and takes the input values as command line arguments. It is very simple tool that takes the velocity and mass of the bullet as an input and returns the data in JSON format or in human readable format. In the output, it shows projectile energy, projectile momentum, projectile velocity, and MPBR (Maximum Point Blank Range). It produces this simple result based on your input and you can analyze it.

This is simple and easy to use tool. Also, it is an open source software that is available for Linux and MAC as well. Get its EXE file for Windows from the link above and then you can put in “C:/Windows” folder for universal access. After that, you can run it like this.

ballistic -m "mass of the bullet" -v "velocity"

ballistic free command line ballistic calculator

You can see it in the above screenshot how this tool works to get you the various trajectory parameters based on the input values that you specify in it. There are a lot more options that you can specify in the command. And you can look for the other options on GitHub page of this tool.

Excel Ballistic Calculator

Excel ballistic calculator free

Apart from some free software, I found an Excel sheet that works as a nice ballistic calculator. You can use it to calculate the various aspects of the trajectory of a bullet by specifying various input parameters. There is green colored column in the sheet in which you have to specify the input parameters like bullet description, muzzle speed, bullet speed, range, increment, scope, impact, altitude, break velocity, standard pressure, and some others. And as you specify these input parameters, it will immediately calculate the trajectory data. You can see that in the Excel file itself.

If you spend most of the time in Excel, then you will like this handy Excel sheet that works as nice ballistic calculator. You can download it from the following link and open it. Make it editable and then start entering the input values in it to get the result. On the left side, there is green colored column which has listed various input values that you have to enter. And as you specify the values, you will get the corresponding trajectory data. After getting the ballistic data, you can do whatever you want.

Get this Excel Sheet from here

Closing words

These are the best free ballistic calculator software that I have found to be used on Windows. Also, I have added an Excel sheet in the above list to do the same. If you often calculate the trajectory data of different bullets, then these free software will help you. I you are looking for for some free ballistic calculator software, then use the above tools. And if you know about some other free ballistic calculator for Windows, then do tell me.

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