Create Map Quiz Online With These Free Websites

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This article covers 3 free websites to create map quiz online.

Map Quiz is a good method to learn and test your geographical knowledge. It is easy to remember new cities, countries, and locations when you know where they actually are. Map quiz is a fun and entertaining way to know new places and their location on the Earth.

Here, I will cover 3 websites where you can create map quizzes. These are trivia and quiz websites where you can find lots of map quizzes and create your own custom map quiz as well. Two of these websites let you create new map quiz by customizing an already existing quiz. So, let’s discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 3 Free Websites To Create Map Quiz Online:


create map quiz online

Sporcle is a free trivia website with over a million user-generated quizzes. Users can create various types of quizzes here based on any appropriate topic. You can easily create map quiz with Sporcle and publish it online as well. To do so, you are going to need a Sporcle account which you can create for free if you don’t have one already.

In a map quiz on Sporcle, you can add a map image and ask questions to locate a place on the map. This allows you to use a custom map in your quiz. You can personalize the map as per the needs and then upload the map image to Flickr or Imgur and add the link in your quiz. As Sporcle does not host media, you have to use any of these image hosting websites.

Create a New Quiz

Go to Sporcle homepage and select “Create a Quiz” under the Create tab. This opens a new page where it asks you to name your quiz and shows you other quizzes from Sporcle which have similar titles. After that, select “Map” in the Quiz Type option and create your quiz.

Edit Quiz

In this step, you can add information to your quiz and personalize various parameters. You can set quiz time, answer type, add a description, and set a custom permalink for the quiz. For a map quiz, you have to provide the map image link as well. Then, you can add question-answers to your quiz, personalize its style and add tags.

Edit Map

Once, you add a map image and question-answers to your quiz, you can arrange answers on the map. You can use the location pins or select an area on the map for your answers.

After completing these steps, you can test your quiz and then publish it on Sporcle website for public or keep it private to share it with selected people only. If you have any problem creating a map quiz, you can follow these guidelines for help.

Create map quiz online with Sporcle here.


create map quiz online free

Seterra is a free website that helps you learn geography in a fun playful way. You can find thousands of map quizzes here covering all the continents. With Seterra, you can easily create your own custom map quiz. To do that, visit the Seterra website and select your preferred language from the homepage. On the next page, it shows you all the available quizzes for all popular countries grouped by continents. You can not create an entirely new quiz here but you can select a quiz and customize it as per your needs.

To create a map quiz here, select a quiz which is most similar to the quiz you want to create. When you take that quiz, you get an option to create a custom quiz. With this option, you can access the data of that quiz and customize it to make a new quiz.

Create map quiz online with Seterra here.


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LizardPoint is a trivia website that has thousands of quizzes on educational topics. It also offers interactive map quizzes to help users learn geography. Similarly to Seterra, it does not offer any option to create a map quiz from scratch, you can only customize an existing quiz and make a new one. There are lots of map quizzes available on LizardPoint which together covers all the continents along with popular countries and cities. You can search for a quiz that covers the area which you want to cover in your quiz. Once, you find a quiz, you can customize in your own way and make a new quiz out of it.

Create map quiz online with LizaredPoint here.

Wrap Up

These are the 3 free websites where you can create map quiz online. Seterra and LizardPoint are good for creating a general map quiz quickly whereas Sporcle gives you the freedom to create a completely custom new map quiz.

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